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Dec 3, 2016
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Droid of the Arcane Hunter Association
during the Force Eternal Timeline

Essential information

VEGA is a V3-G4 series droid of the Utapau chapter. He's a trained droid designed to combat the horrors created by the darkest parts of the galaxy, he looks worn down by battle and no one seems to bother repairing him beyond the minimum to be combat ready.


"Assesment complete: Subject infected, terminating potential danger to father." -Vega, back on Utapau.

There's not any data he remembers of back when he was an humble, standard battle droid. The first memory his data bank had was that of a human by the name of Jonas repairing him, soon he learnt that the both of them were currently on Utapau, a planet that had been riddled truly riddled by the AMS virus, people were evacuating everywhere and they were being left behind at the moment, so the man needed the droid to help him escape. It took them weeks to leave the planet, weeks in which the limiter to his personality was removed.

Eventually they would make it out of the planet alive as part of the last few sentient people to be evacuated. But the droid didn't part ways from the human, no, the man had convinced Vega that he was "its father" as the one to bring him back and give him a personality. Jonas exploited Vega's newfound love for him as his paternal figure as a way to use him to gain credits. The man never treated Vega well, just repairing him enough for him to be good for a fight and nothing else, no new coats of paint, no quality of life improvements nothing else. He did not care if he never came back from a mission as he had found other sources of income by then, he also berated Vega for everything he did wrong, but the droid still loved his father, it is unknown how much of that sentiment is a result from his personality developing on its own or Jonas' own tinkering .

The two of them, however, had something in common: a deep hatred of the strange abominations that lived in the galaxy as a result of their experiences with the virus, so Jonas eventually sent the droid to assist the AHA so "The rusty bucket of bolts could do something useful for a change" and so, the droid became ready to assist them, going back to Utapau to join the hunters in their very important task.


He wants to make papa proud and kill abominations and monsters with extreme prejudice, enough said.


Big, bulky and strong, Vega is the opposite of what a hunter should be in theory, not the best at stealth and using armor when they would rather just not take a hit, but, truth be told, that was what his father expected: For him to be used as bait, as an anvil while the true hunters striked true...If he managed to survive in the process thanks to its own raw strength then better, but it was not something he hoped for.

That being said, Vega does have developed a personality that possesses some experience and critical thinking, he learns to adapt and is about as crafty as a walking fridge can get...He just has to apply his tactics to his critical thinking. Of course, the matter of not being a fleshy meatbag makes it a bit more difficult for creatures to mess with his "mind", being about as susceptible as any of the AHA members after getting their serum...He also has jump boots, so he is a bit more agile when the situation calls for it.

Assets & gear

-Extra battery charger​
-Extra function: Pneumatic Fist (Right arm).​
-Extra function: Scout HUD.​

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Jonas (Father figure)


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