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Oct 30, 2019
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CORPORATE HEIRESS & SITH Master during the Force Eternal timeline

Age: 26 ⦿ Species: Human (Serennian) ⦿ Height: 1.65 m ⦿ Weight: 45 kilos


A woman with two faces.

Nahri Nalju was born to the prestigious House Nalju of Serenno (pictured right). The daughter of a wealth technology magnate, the head of Nalju Technologies, she inherited his skill for business and her mother's ruthlessness. By both, she was the favorite to inherit their corporate legacy. Until tragedy struck.

Mother. Father. Sister. All dead. All assassinated.

And so, the girl named 'Nahri' watched her whole future go up in flames in a violent coup. The cowardly mask fled into exile in the deepest shadow of the galaxy. Where darkness waited. And vengeance, too, if she were strong enough. Nahri found the Sith there, waiting in the silence between the stars. And the Sith saw the true face she hid deep within her.

Vex was not the mask, but the woman herself.

As Vex, she was her truest self. Greed and ambition incarnate. Ravenous. And yet, the face of Nahri was useful. Nahri was the exiled corporate princess the public could sympathize with. Nahri could comport about in public. In the Republic, the Alliance, the Consortium and elsewhere. But in private, under cowl or helmet, Nahri was simply folded under Vex's massive shadow.

And her plan was simple. Using her disguise as Nahri, Vex would take back that which was stolen from her as a child. The corporation that was meant to be hers. The wealth and influence that came with it. All of it would be hers again. And then? Who was to say? Power was a ladder without end so long as she never stopped climbing.


Vex was trained as a traditional Sith — skilled in both her use of the lightsaber and the Force. However, as an Acolyte, she also gained an interest in the arcane. She mostly self-taught herself basic spells dealing with the more generic of illusions, lacking a true teacher. However, as a Sith Champion, her studies became more deep and profound, and she began teaching herself more about the magicks of the ancient Sith.

After obtaining the holocron of Darth Phobos in a raid on one of Palpatine's hidden vaults, she finally had a teacher and began to truly study Sith magick. Through the holocron, she not only learned to strengthen her illusions, but also learned a number of potions and concoctions that could warp and damage the minds of those who became her victims.

Soon after, despite a briefly tense situation with the Empress, Darth Andruil, the Sith monarch gave Vex access to the libraries of Sith magick on Mustafar to further her training. There, Vex learned the foundations for Korriban magick. Since then, her Sith magick has taken on the appearance of a violet-black mist that materializes wherever she focuses the Force. She also transitioned fully into becoming a Sith witch after gaining the acceptance of the Sith witches on Ziost, using her lightsabers less-and-less as her power with the Force grew.


Carries or Takes w/ Her

Vex's Sith armor
Amulet of Glamour (In her Sith guise, she is always using this to disguise herself unless stated otherwise.)
1x Epidermal Disguise Technology
1x Double-bladed red lightsaber
5x Vibro-repulsor blades
1x Grimoire Can conjure with Sith magick
2x Ritual Sith knives Can conjure with Sith magick
2x NalPhones: 1 is Nahri's personal phone, the other is Vex's for private/Sith matters.

Assets Kept at Castle Goal

Darth Phobis' holocron
N-series assistant and litigation droid
Infiltrator II-class star courier Used for Nahri's professional business with NalTech
Upsilion III-class command shuttle For Vex's professional business with the Sith Empire


Like most Sith of her rank, Vex has constructed a powerbase from which to stretch her influence across the Empire. She and her followers are loyal to the Empire and subservient to the Empress. Her powerbase contains the following assets:

Belsavis - Warden
Captured with the help of then-Acolyte Varyn Atrix, Vex became the warden and ruler of the prison planet Belsavis. She considers this world the current seat of her powerbase. The following assets are housed on Belsavis:

Nalju Technologies - CEO (Link)
As Nahri, Vex became the CEO of NalTech after a coordinated smear campaign against the men who formerly ran the company after stealing it from her father. The company serves as a cover for her Sith identity and allows her to do business elsewhere in the galaxy.

Rakata Prime
Captured with the help of Acolyte Altair Din, Vex became the rule of the secret planet Rakata Prime, also known as 'Lehon.' The following assets are housed on Rakata Prime:

Apprentices: Caerllion of Cyfnos, Wōdanaz Buri Ása-Liðar (candidate).
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Oct 30, 2019
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Threads are recorded chronologically as they happened in-character, but not necessarily by posting order.
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A Sith Witch Rises​

In total, this arc currently has 18 threads in it:

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Key: ○ Ongoing | Complete | Half-Complete* | Stalled | Incomplete/Dropped
*Half-Complete refers to a thread in which one (or half) of the major objectives is done.
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