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Nov 29, 2018
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"Landwalkers are so quick to think VoidHauling is simply an execution. Nothing couldn't be further from the truth! There is an art in determining where to strap a prisoner in the void. You could place them in deep space with no hope of discovery, and let them drown in their despair. Or you could put them on a popular space lane, to be run over! Or maybe just nudge their rock towards the nearest planet; nothing like days of silence and dread only to be burned alive on re-entry. "
-Captain Ben Gunn, Pirate
Void Hauling is a time-honored. albeit barbaric, tradition of execution in the Stygian Reaches. At its simplest, Void Hauling is strapping a convicted prisoner to a small asteroid and left to die. However, over the years, some 'artists' and assassins have perfected Void Hauling as methods of retrieving information, performing excruciating executions, or even as a sadistic sport.

Believe to have started sometime before the Great Unmaking, Void Hauling is recognized throughout the Reaches. Best guesses say Void Hauling began in the Satropy, nicknamed as 'The Ximian Farewell'. After the Great Unmaking, ideas of VoidHauling remained within cultures and people began to alter it as they saw fit, leading to a variety of methods.

The most basic method is simply strapping someone to an asteroid with a chain, utilizing their own limbs against them. The suits the convicts are left in usually have enough air to last a day or two at least, though panicking cuts this time drastically. Some will leave beacons on the asteroid, with messages to stay away or saying who is being executed for what crime, if any.

Within the Satropy, convicts are often strapped in deep space with a recording device to collect any 'final confessions' to be collected later. Pirates who are guilty of a failed mutiny are often left between hyperspace beacons to be hit by passing ships. There is a debate in some circles whether its humane or not for the convict to be conscious during the strapping, or to simply let them wake up on their own when no one is nearby.

One of the the most cruel form of Void Hauling by pirates is to strap several people to captured asteroids in an active astroid field, connect them by radio, and throw them into the field. One by one, the convicts hear their fellows scream before being crushed to death, and the last one is saved by a nearby ship. As the winner of the 'contest' the last one standing is allowed to live. This form of execution is seen as especially barbaric, and is outlawed in the Satropy.

Intent: To create some Lore/flavor within the Stygian Reaches. Pcs could use Void Hauling as a situation to get out of, a way to discover a convicted convict, or simply an event to witness.


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