Wiki Pages Now Accessible To All


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Nov 28, 2010
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Hello everyone.

All members are now able to create and edit new wiki pages. In order to create a page click on the arrow beside the Databank button and select "Create Page" from the drop down menu. See below:


There are several templates (templates are similar to bbcode, but created for the wiki pages only) to play with and learn how to use. This means you must wrap your work with these templates if you want to use them, just like you do with bbcodes. See them listed below:

[template=character] [/template]
[template=organization] [/template]
[template=polorg] [/template]
[template=relorg] [/template]
[template=iconstr] [/template]
[template=iconend] [/template]
[template=iconrow] [/template]

More might be added in the future.

All core wiki pages (main factions, important information, the map, etc) cannot be edited by members without permission being granted. In order to get permission to edit a core wiki page, post in the Core Wiki Page Access Request thread with the correct form filled out.

Members do NOT need permission from staff to post brand new wiki pages. Questions about the wiki pages, permissions, issues, encountered errors, etc, can be posted here.