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Sep 1, 2015
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Wrana's Armor

This is less a single, cohesive suit of armor so much as it is a hodge-podge of random armor pieces that just so happened to fit Wrana's body. A durasteel bodysuit with shoulder pads topped off with reinforced arm guards and a survival helmet, usually thrown over common civilian clothes and under either a long coat, duster, or poncho.


Legal. As much as any suit of combat-ready armor.


Generitech armor.

NO. Generiteh

Type and Coverage

Type: Medium Armor

Coverage: 4 regions

  • Head: Fully enclosed survival helmet
  • Torso: Durasteel body armor
  • Back: Durasteel body armor
  • Lower Arms: Durasteel vambraces


Function 1: Scout HUD
  • Contains a 4x magnifier and Compass.
Function 2: Survival HUD
  • Reads atmosphere composition and detects toxins.
Function 3: Filter
  • Filters are bulky attachments to a helmet, or function as part of a mask, that filter out environmental contaminants such as smoke or most toxins. They are susceptible to caustic substances and damage.
Function 4: Voice Scrambler
  • For the unusually paranoid, this helmet function can scramble a person's voice to unintelligible garbage, while allowing commlink conversations to continue as normal. Alternatively, it can be used to "digitize" a voice into a deep bass tone.
Function 5: Whipcord Thrower
  • The whipcord launcher was a personal weapon that fired a thin fibercord whip which then wrapped around and ensnared the target to restrict mobility up to 10 meters away while remaining attached to the mount point. It was detachable with a second use of the firing button. The whipcord launcher was favored by bounty hunters, as it was easy to carry and use and it virtually always ensured a live capture, though it could be cut by a vibro blade with ease.