Armor Xakaia's Nomad Armor


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Feb 24, 2015
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Xakaia's Ubese Nomad Armor

The personal armor of the Ubese nomad Xakaia. This armor serves as Xakaia's primary clothing, as well as her face to the world. Xakaia wears an Ubese helmet, equipped with a rebreather, scout HUD, and vision modes. This helmet also contains special filters used to convert type 1 atmosphere into one more kind to Ubese lungs (quality of life). As a spacer, Xakaia also wears an emergency vac-suit and a life support box. A simple blast vest worn under Xakaia's Ubese clothing makes up the rest of the armor.




Personal armor.

Type and Coverage

Type: Light



Function 1: Emergency Vac-suit
  • It's no replacement for a spacesuit if you intend to EVA, but this undersuit, if combined with a helmet, can protect the wearer from the immediate effects of exposure to a vacuum for 5 posting rounds. You still need a way to breathe, however.
Function 2: Rebreather
  • Rebreathers allow for a person to survive underwater or in space for brief amounts of time by scrubbing CO2 from their exhaled breath. Generally this lasts for 3-4 posts, but heavy exertion can shorten that time.
Function 3: Life Support Box
  • Life support boxes are emergency gear designed to be worn in conjunction with other safety equipment, such as vac-suits and rebreathers. The device can be manually activated via a switch on the chest box, but most also automatically engage when exposed to vacuum. When activated, the device projects a small mag-shield "bubble" around the user that is just strong enough to contain a tiny amount of livable atmosphere. Life support boxes double the protection provided by vac seals and rebreathers. Without other protective gear, the life support box itself provides only 3 rounds of protection. The system also contains a high power distress beacon that the broadcasts the pilots precise coordinates to any ship within a parsec. The distress beacon can be manually deactivated, and can broadcast for s much longer time than its wearer can survive.
Function 4: Vision Modes
  • This Allows a Helmet HUD to cycle to low-light OR thermal vision modes.
Function 5: Scout HUD
  • Scout HUD - Contains a 4x magnifier and Compass.