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May 19, 2013
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Xiomara Amani Drast

► SPECIES: Firrerreo
► GENDER: Female
► AGE: 22 standard years
► HOMEWORLD: Firrerre
► FACTION: Independent
► HEIGHT: 1.68 meters
► WEIGHT: 54.5 kilograms


Xiomara was born in a small private hospital on the planet Firrerre. An only child, Xiomara's parents were a small branch of the Drast lineage, a part of the line of Kravos. The beginning of Xio's life was fairly uneventful, though that would change dramatically around the time she was six years old.

While traveling in an air speeder, Xiomara's parents were the victims of an unfortunate accident that resulted from drastic engine failure. The young Drast lost both of her parents in the same instant as their ship careened into the earth of Firrerre in an immaculate fireball.

Fortunately, she would not be left an orphan to fend for herself. After several weeks of family deliberations, it was decided that the young Xiomara would be adopted by another part of the Drast family: her aunt and uncle who also lived on Firrerre. The family thought it would be a good fit, as they also had a child around her age named Morgan Ali.

During her childhood with her aunt and uncle, Xiomara never quite took to the family Sith training. While it was mildly disappointing to her new guardians, Xio would eventually find something that she did excel at after having discovered some old texts in the Drast family library that talked about a long ago sect of assassins: the Seyugi Dervishes.

After convincing her uncle. Xio began her training, following the old texts with a mentor provided by her family. She took to the ways of the Seyugi like a fish to water, over the years becoming a very skillful and adept assassin. While never officially joining the Sith Order, Xio was still trained in the ways of the force, and wields the supernatural ability just the same as any marauder would. What she lacks in dogma, Xio makes up for in ruthless efficiency.

In present time, Xio skips across the galaxy on whatever whim grips her in that moment. She picks up assassination contracts as she goes, to both keep her skills sharp and to maintain a sizeable coffer not beholden to the Drast family name.


Xiomara is a fully trained and able user of the darkside of the force. In addition to those abilities, she also possesses keen skill in hand to hand combat. Through her training as a Seyugi Dervish, Xio is proficient in Teräs Käsi as well as Echani fighting techniques.

Though she prefers to simply use the force and her own bare hands to accomplish her assassination goals, it is sometimes required for Xio to use weapons. As such, she is well trained in melee weapons like knives and swords, as well as - though less so - blasters.

Xiomara is also a capable slicer, information gatherer, and on more than one occasion has used the simple act of seduction and flirtation to gain access to places she did not belong.

Her Firrerreo physiology grants her a level of strength that many wouldn't assume possible given her lithe frame, as well as the ability to see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Nictating eyelids, pronounced canine teeth, and an impressive healing factor are also boons granted by her species.




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