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Sep 15, 2013
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What is going to happen in your plot? A pro imperial terrorist responsible for a number of small scale attacks on Free Worlds has fled to the forest moon of Endor with his band of followers. After receiving confirmation of the fugitive‘s presence, a sector ranger is sent join up with a comrade(a NPC) stationed there along with her Ewok scout(my OC, @Tapli Madreck). Together the trio must brave Endor’s wilderness to bring the extremist to justice.
What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this? (@Darasuum) Roland
How many threads will this plot have? Two threads in total
Include opposition type for each thread (DM, dice, ASK/OPEN, etc): Both will be self-dmed and ask only. Of course if the Plot Staff believes it is necessary I will edit the opposition in the second thread be determined by dice instead.
What do you or your character hope to achieve with this plot? What is the "end-game?” Link any items you’re seeking if applicable. The goal for this two stories beside RPing a fun adventure is to hopefully get Tapli officially recruited for Sector Ranger training after being evaluated by Roland during the journey and subsequent mission.
Do you need any involvement of canon/site NPCs or faction leaders to be DMed by a staff member? If so, please detail who/what and for what purpose. No


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Mar 24, 2014
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This doesn't actually require a plot. You can just do the threads to join the faction, then apply for the faction change. Just make sure you're not handwaving anything and are actually putting in effort to join the faction.