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Yvain was born on an unknown world in the Outer Rim, to an unnamed green-skinned alien species, two hundred and sixty two years ago. He has no known family or distant relations that he is aware of. He was located by the Jedi Order on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal before being brought to the Jedi Temple of Courscant for training. Lothal has been often put on his records as place of birth however this has never been confirmed.

He was raised as a Youngling upon Coursacnt, where he would once come into contact with the only other member of his species he has met, the Jedi Grand Master Yoda, though this meeting was brief due to the Grand Master's responsibilities to the order. Though apparently extremely potent with The Force Yvain was a slow learner and many of his tutors considered him lazy and perhaps not fit for the Jedi Order.

Not much else is known about his time as a Youngling however despite his apparent flaws he completed his trainings and was elevated to the rank of Jedi Padawan at around his sixtieth year. He was assigned to a Bothan Jedi Knight called Arotas Wex, the pair often visited the Outer Rim, the pair both being an Alien species blending in well with the concoction of life which made up the Outer Rim planets. The pair bonded well and the Bothan was able to get the best out of the Padawan and within the standard decade's training Yvain was promoted to Jedi Knight.

His early Knighthood was simple and not very noteworthy, he did not take on an apprentice during this time and travelled the galaxy alone. He was often tasked with the location of Force Sensitive children to return to the order, his apparent small and cuddly appearance working well with young children. He was accredited with six hundred and seventy two children within the fifteen years between his ascension to Knighthood and the Invasion of Naboo.

By the outbreak of the Clone Wars Yvain was by normal standards already a venerable and experienced Jedi, at ninety-seven standard years old. He was not present on Geonosis as he has been investigating rumours of Sith activity on the edge of CIS space. He was recalled shortly after and became a Jedi General within the Grand Army of the Republic. His Battalion were used greatly among the Outer Rim where Yvain's knowledge of the systems and Hyperspace lanes were a great asset to his troops.

About a two weeks prior to the end of the Clone Wars and the activation of Order 66, Yvain, his battalion and their Arquitens-Class Cruiser 'Dauntless' was attacked by a CIS fleet near Boz Pity. Trying to escape the ambush the ship's hyperspace drive was damaged, forcing them out of hyperspace in deep space Boz Pity and Russan. The ship was adrift without the means to re-enter hyperspace, they sent out a distress signal that took a while till it was answered.

The reply came on the same day as Order 66 was actioned. The clones among his crew rebelled and tried to kill Yvain, the Jedi defended himself and was able to kill the clones upon the ship over the coming week. However this left him alone on the deserted ship adrift in space. Deactivating the distress beacon, the Jedi Knight set down to meditate and try and figure out how he could escape this metal prison.

It was ten years before the ship was found, but not by the Empire but by the Hutts. The criminal organisation were looking for greater firepower in the defence of their enterprises and an adrift cruiser such as 'Dauntless' was a great prize. Understanding that this was his only way off the ship the Jedi Knight snuck aboard the Hutt ship sent to retrieve the 'Dauntless'. Whilst onboard the ship he discovered through overhearing that the Republic had fallen and that a new Galactic Empire had taken its place.

Arriving on Nar Shaddaa, he once again snuck off the ship before blending into the vast concoction of alien life upon the moon. In time he learned of the apparent Jedi betrayal and assassination attempt upon then Chancellor now Empeor Palpatine. Understanding that the Jedi were now outcasts and that he was now a prime target for those loyal to the Empire and those looking to make a quick buck, Yvain disappeared into the underground of the planet looking to plan his next move.

During the next few years he kept his ear to the ground, waiting for signs of other surviving Jedi but heard little to nothing. Without a Chain Code the Jedi Knight was restricted to the moon and unable to travel beyond the nearby space, his only way out was to somehow find a ship and a crew which could outrun the Imperial's and Bounty Hunters who would quickly hunt him down.

The next decade went by quietly, Yvain creating a new life for himself upon the planet, he became a good Samaritan, though he made special effort to only effect small things. As to not bring the eire or notice of either the Hutts or the Empire upon him. For he knew that his species lived long and that as long as he stayed alive and kept the Jedi teachings within his heart and soul, he could outlive this Empire and the Dark Shadow which hung over it.

The only point of note during his time on Nar Shaddaa was the arrival of an Inquisitor upon the Moon searching for Force Sensitive children. Unwilling to let a child fall into the hands of this dark individual, Yvain picked up his lightsaber for the first time in nearly two decades and defeated the Inquisitor. Knowing that both he and the child would now be hunted he gave his remaining credits to the child's family and told them to leave Nar Shaddaa. Without either a Chain Code for the money and power to force himself from the planet Yvain took the only option he thought available. He enslaved himself with the Hutts.

Upon being transported away from Nar Shaddaa, he felt the destruction of Alderaan within The Force, something which shocked him greatly. Though his spirits were lifted days later when he heard about the destruction of the First Death Star. His imprisonment did not last long escaping a few months later on Kessel. Even with the destruction of the Death Star Yvain was still concerned with the shadow of the Dark Side which hung over the Empire. Fleeing to the planet of Ventooine, he set himself up a new life deep in the hills were he could hone his craft and protect which knowledge of the Jedi he had inside of him for a day when the Shadow disappeared.

For the next forty years, Yvain kept to himself on this backwater planet, he would occasionally interact with his neighbours, they would buy some of the produce he cultivated to earn credits to get by. But otherwise he was left to his own devices, he wrote down all he knew about the old Order so that even if he did not survive there was a chance that those teachings would. Unknown to the Jedi Knight the Battle of Exegol came to a close and with it the final death of Darth Sidious, the Dark Shadow which had been keeping him from the galaxy disappearing with him.

Although this was his time, forty years was a long time for even someone as long-lived as himself and it took him time to leave his home and venture back into the galaxy. He arrived on Ajan Koss as the first of Rey Skywalker's new Jedi Order were promoted to Jedi Knight. Yvain was not pleased with the changes the new Jedi Master had made to the order especially the removal of the age requirement for those joining the order. He would bump heads with the Jedi Master and those closest to her, so within a few short years he chose like the new Knights around him to venture forth into the galaxy to help those in need, travelling first to Anoat and on to other destroyed and tainted worlds.

And so the decades passed, still unhappy with the changes Rey Skywalker made to The Order, Yvain kept to the edges, doing what he did best, finding young force sensitives and helping those in need. He had no desire to become a Master within the new Order. Unfittingly for a Jedi he had become stubborn during his years of exile away from it and so the years passed like this.

This would change however with the Rising Darkness on the Outskirts of the Galaxy, the coming of the Sith Eternal forced Yvain to re-think his role within both The Order and the Galaxy. Now it was time for him to break his stubborn streak and to help the Jedi through back the Darkness, he was unable to act last time, it would not happen again.


One of the oldest if not the oldest Jedi of the current order, Yvain tries to incite his almost three centuries of knowledge onto the younger members of the Order, though some of it is often the wise, sagely wordings and teachings some expect of the ancient Jedi Knight many also accuse him of being stuck in the old ways of the Jedi before the Galactic Empire rose to power.

Proud at his ability to grow things, Yvain is an accomplish botanist and his students and other Jedi often find him in one of his many gardens around the Jedi temples, tending to his produce and flowers. He often uses the growing of his plants within his lessons and will give a sapling to each Youngling, Padawan or Knight who comes to him for advice or training, a symbol of his instruction. Though he would often then ask the same student how the plant is fairing each time he sees them again.

Living through the Dark Age of the Jedi and the destruction of the order, Yvain has a hardline stance on the Dark Side, seeing it as only an evil and negative thing. This closed thought path has often led to confrontations with younger Jedi who have yet to experience the Dark Side of the force at their doorstep.


An ancient Jedi in terms of his age Yvain was a well rounded and talented Jedi. Although a slow learner at first his advanced age has allowed him to harness his innate abilities to combat the Dark Side of the Force and who try to reek havoc upon the Order and Galaxy at large.

  • Force Ability: Like others of his race Yvain preferers to use the Force in combat rather than his lightsaber. He has been able to learn control and master a number of Force Abilities over his time within the Order. He has also become deeply attuned with the wider flow of the Force, sensing both the Destruction of Alderaan as well as the death of Darth Sidious from the other side of the galaxy. This also allows him to easily sense the force within young children, owing to his large number of younglings recruited for the Order.
    • Telekinesis: Like many Jedi, he is proficient in the use of telekinesis. He is able to use the technique for both minor defensive techniques, such as jogging a blaster or closing a door as well as offensively such as large kinetic pushes and pulls on enemies or items. He was also able to use the power of The Force to crush metallic objects such as droids, weapons or boxes.
    • Mental Force Abilities: Like most trained Jedi, Yvain was a capable practitioner of the Jedi mind trick, he would often use this whilst out in the Outer Rim where is rank as a Jedi gave him no special privilege.

  • Multilingual: Having spent much of his life as a Jedi on the Outer Rim, Yvain has learned a vast collection of languages over time. He can speak, Galactic Basic, Bothese, Huttese, Aqualish, Kaminoan and Rodese. He also learnt basics of Sy Bisti and can understand Shyriiwook and Jawaese although he could not speak either of these himself.

  • Lightsaber Ability: Although he prefers the use of force over a lightsaber, Yvain has become an accomplished duellist over time. Due to his size and reliance on the force to expand his physical abilities Yvain initially specialised in Form IV, since his return to the fold he has accessed Corvo Vis' Holocron, learning Form X which has become his primary combat technique.

  • Piloting: Flying solo for much of his life Yvain has become if not an ace, a talented fighter pilot.


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