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The Zaa Fenn Crime Family
A family of the Crymorah Syndicate

A couple of years ago a young Rodian gunslinger joined a heist on a Canto Bight casino that was the brainchild of a young up-and-coming human. By the sheer genius of the human, the pair managed to not only rob the vault but also make a miraculous escape through the Sea of Cantonica. An impressive feat and the culmination of impressive careers in galactic robbery for some, but for the unlikely pair it was just the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Meanwhile the Zaa Fenn Crime Family on Sullust was struggling. The SoroSuub corporation had routed them from several factories on the planet's surface and they were unable to restart many of their smuggling and racketeering operations. More ambitious members of their "family" were adopted into other families within the Crymorah Syndicate, most notably the Xaa Hafven, accelerating Zaa Fenn's decline. Desperate, they abandoned Sullust in favor of Eriadu, believing that on a planet with so many hyperlane junctions there'd be more to make a profit off. For a few years their main business was smuggling, warehouse theft and piracy but they failed to return to prominence.

After infighting within the Five Syndicates, culminating in the Kessel War and the growing influence of the Sith Order in the Black Sun, Marissa Hesse and associates tried to distance themselves from the Five Syndicates. After pulling off some daring heists (and pissing off some Hutts) they brought their amassed fortune to Eriadu and made a deal with the Zaa Fenn. The latter would adopt Marissa and her gang into their family and in return Marissa promised that under her leadership, she would bring the Zaa Fenn to the top of the Crymorah Syndicate.

Within the year she had taken control of the Eriadu underworld, even helping the Sith Order to takeover the government and convincing them to "partner up" when it came to control of the planet. Next stop was chipping down at the Xaa Hafven Crime Family's powerbase, then the most powerful family in the Crymorah Syndicate. It was here that Preef Callo gained notoriety that exceeded far beyond the Five Syndicates. His reputation as a quick-draw becoming part of legend as comic books and HoloNet movies were getting made about his exploits. It didn't take long for the now legendary gunslinger to corner the Xaa Hafven patriarch and leader of the Crymorah Syndicate on Nar Shaddaa and killing him with his signature peacemaker.

While one of their own ruled the Crymorah Syndicate from Nar Shaddaa, the Zaa Fenn was uncontested at the top of the Crymorah foodchain. Even before they took control of Nar Shaddaa many scoundrels from all across the galaxy joined as affiliates, so influential and indeed powerful had they become.

Centered around the brilliant planning skills of Marissa Hesse, this group of dangerous criminals robs and smuggles whatever the highest bidder desires. With a track record for breaking out convicts, robbing casino's, highly-fortified buildings and high-speed trains, they can be depended on to acquire any item you've set your mind on.

A struggling Crime Family until the credit influx, the Zaa Fenn have risen to the dominant crime family in the Crymorah Syndicate. Despite traditional hierarchies in the Crymorah Crime Families, the new Zaa Fenn seems to be more of a collective of individual talents where Marissa is merely a figurehead.

Wanted For
The Sector Rangers suspects members of the Zaa Fenn Crime Family to be responsible for a number of crimes, including:


During Chapter One:
The Zaa Fenn Crime Family estate on Eriadu is a fortified three-story penthouse on top of a skyscraper in Eriadu City. It has its own hangar large enough for the boss' personal spaceship and the coming and goings of the family's top smuggler. It includes 10 NPC scoundrels and 4 enhanced KX-series Security Droids as security.

During Chapter Two
With the Sith Empire attacking the Zaa Fenn at their own penthouse on Eriadu, the crime family decided it was best to move away asap. Luckily, most of its assets were on Nar Shaddaa, like Preef Callo's personal droid army, or on Coruscant, courtesy of the Lower Five Gangs. Currently their headquarters is the Quick-Draw Cantina on the lower levels of Coruscant.

Recent Events
For half a decade the Zaa Fenn Crime Family has lead the Crymorah Syndicate to untold heights. They rule Nar Shaddaa -or the Smuggler's Moon- after they successfully took it away from the Hutt Cartel. Their army of droids man the checkpoints on the moon to safeguard people from the AMS virus and for all intents and purposes it has been business as usual at the top.

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to last. A summit between Preef Callo and Darth Andruil, empress of the Sith Empire, turned hostile when the latter attacked the rodian for unknown reasons. Although war is suspected to be imminent, right now the Zaa Fenn Crime Family is still comfortable at the top, being lead by Marissa Zaa Fenn.

Since their headquarters was based on Eriadu, a world they helped capture and control for the Sith Order, they were forced to move after that attack on Preef Callo. Despite holding Nar Shaddaa as a strong powerbase, the number of infected and the high profile nature of the Smuggler's Moon made them decide to settle with the Lower Five Gangs on Coruscant instead.

This faction is meant to be a close-knit group of criminals and give a more ambitious narrative for player characters in the Five Syndicates. The Zaa Fenn Crime Family will be part of the Crymorah Syndicate, which in turn is one of the Five Syndicates. Furthermore, in accordance with the 5S write-up, for one of our own to become a 'Lieutenant' and subsequently crimelord they need to lead a PC (sub-)org with at least three other members. This organization fills that requirement.

Marissa Hesse - @Nightfall - [5S] Crimelord
Kel Dryden - @Catbert - [5S] Enforcer
Taldorak Trenessar - @Rhogar - [5S] Enforcer
Shane Corvax - @Taz - [5S] Enforcer
Gareth Gin - @Versok - [5S] Scoundrel
Pidge Batana - @Kestrel - [5S] Scoundrel
'Blackout' Tresshk - @Rorren - [5S] Scoundrel
Kara Lok - @Eccles - [5S] Scoundrel
HK-24 - @Nor'baal - [5S] Scoundrel


Thanks to @Rorren for the great art!
Featuring from left to right: Gareth Gin, Kel Dryden, Marissa Hesse, Preef Callo and 'Blackout' Tresshk.

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