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Zruger/Saythe, Limited, a segment branch of the larger Zruger/Saythe Corporation (both most often referred to by the acronym ZS, or when more precision is implied, ZSC or ZSL), is a privately funded group of military and paramilitary contractors located upon the DSC Daedalus. The Zruger/Saythe Corporation is one of Daedalus' megacorporations, providing independent special-force mercenaries for the galaxy's highest bidders, with the allegiance of any of their regiments belonging only to their contracts. By DSC/GTC law, virtually all troops belonging to ZSC are banned from commencing any operations within the sovereign territory of the DSC Daedalus, or any sovereign territories of the Galactic Traders Coalition. Indeed, any deployment of their regular armies is considered one of the GTCs highest violations. However, some companies of the DSC Daedalus, typically the most powerful megacorporations, forge contracts with ZSC's subdivision, the paramilitary force known as Zruger/Saythe, Limited. ZSL is a branch segment of ZSC, and largely operates independently of ZSL. Contrary to ZSC's dominantly military provisions, ZSL predominantly provides security-forces security teams, with a small portion of their forces being exclusively for companies of Daedalus wealthy enough to hire them. In contrast, the vast majority of ZSL are employed by Daedalus' governmental authorities.

In opposition to the common misconception, ZSL members are a more finessed fighting force than their larger war-waging counterpart. Upon Daedalus, ZS provides security for the highest degree of crimes and violations, usually acting as responses to acts of terrorism, fear mongering, major-case kidnappings of one or more significant individuals, or assassination prevention. The deployment of ZSL is considered to be an indicator of the severity of a situation, which calls for their expertise over that of the more common CoreGuard Security. CoreGuard holds authority over the majority of ZSL, although only under circumstances in which it is deemed a controlled situation. In severe situations, such as the presence of mobilized infantry (or other situations called "war-threat scenarios"), the Daedalus' administration council can give authoritative powers to ZSL over CoreGuard, although this is an exceptionally rare occasion. Unlike CoreGuard, Anti-Force and the Division, ZS possess almost no hierarchy aside from team commanders and regiment commanders, and their simplified hierarchy allows swift action and quick response to threats and hostilities, as power often resides directly with the field commanders.

ZSL commandos are also distinct in that they are armed by Daedalus instead of utilizing their own weaponry. While outwardly appearing to be an inhibitor to professional mercenaries, the influx of the technologies at the DSC's disposal in turn actually make the ZSL commandos some of the most advanced soldiers in the galaxy. Among the most notable possessions is the Tantalus swords, which is a distinguishing characteristic of their Regiment Commanders. ZSL commandos are clad in black body armor with tactical HUDs, and generally wield a variety of weapons, usually dependent on the individual's skill-set and preference. The only common weapon carried by ZSL commandos however, are the Tantalus swords, which are wielded by the Task-Force Commanders. Crafted from Tantalus Alloy and making them virtually impervious to kinetic, concussive and tensive force, energy and radiation, the Tantalus swords of ZSL are also given attachments known as VEMs (Variable Energy Module)​. Incorporated into the hilt and taking advantage of the absorbent nature of Tantalus Alloy, VEMs feed a continuous charge of a given type of energy, such as thermal radiation or currents of electricity.

The Regiment Commanders, also known as Task-Force Commanders, are the recognized commanding officers of Zruger/Saythe, Limited, and each are directly responsible for overseeing any given ZSL operation in progress. In more applicable terms, Regiment Commanders are the generals that are chiefly involved in dispatching units and establishing prime objectives to commandos under his or her command. Regiment Commanders are often battle hardened war veterans, either from mercenary life, training as professional soldiers, or even transfers from ZSC, and are all as efficient behind the scenes as they are effective on the battlefields.
The Lieutenant Commanders, also called Squad Leaders, are the right hands of the Regiment Commanders. If the Regiment Commanders are the generals, then the Lieutenant Commanders are the field commanders. Whereas their superiors establish prime objectives in an operation and provide strategic information, the Lieutenant Commanders direct immediate objectives for their squads and handle the fast-paced real-time tactical information. Lieutenant Commanders are skilled soldiers, although lack the experience or prowess of Regiment Commanders. However, they are prized soldiers for their ability to command and provide tactical adaptability to any combative situation.

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