New profile posts

Hello, friends. A brief message to apologise to everybody waiting for posts from me. Work has been busy, but I should be back on schedule tomorrow after work!

Please look forward to it!
Sorry about delays in posting. Family issues came up. I'll try and get some posts out today and tomorrow.
I'm looking for threads for my lawyerman - anyone up for something, just a meet and greet at this stage?
Might have possible need for a lawyer
Laeonas needs to get some credits. What should a guy who's barely 20 with a slight drinking problem do to make credits?

He is good at shooting things tho...
I may be under a bit of a hiatus with no established return. I'd say a week would help me decide overall, but any of my more major roleplays should have verdicts before then, such as skipping me if for some reason I don't respond. Gracias.