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Oh so happy to be here. WOrking on my main character.
I hope you'll forgive my errors, English isn't my first language.
May be Force be with you all. :)
So The Mandalorian is all fine and good. I'm hyped for the Obi wan show as well. My question is where is my Quinlan Vos series starring Jason Mamoa!?
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Would be dope to see! I'd love to see the comic series with him and Assaj put into live action if we hadn't lost Christopher Lee, but that begs the question on who would make a good live action Assaj as well. My first thought would be Angelina Jolie.
Sorry for my short absence to anyone i owe posts, some IRL stuff has had me occupied, but I haven't forgotten about y'all :)
I think I no longer owe any posts. But there were many threads, so if I forgot something and somewhere, let me know.