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Still busy. Professors dumped projects for finals in one go. Posts might come sometime this coming week. Please bear with me – and thanks for understanding! 😭❤️
So I lied. Intended to post yesterday but slipped on ice at work and wound up down and out for a couple days. Tomorrow morning ill get at it. Sorry for the wait, folks.
Oof, really sorry to hear that dude. No need to apologize for missing posts due to injury, hope you're feeling better soon.
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@Reyn What I'm most sorry about is that where I fell is off camera lol it was definitely one of those prolonged falls that are always fun to watch afterwards haha
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So today's my one year anniversary on the site! I just wanted to express my appreciation to everyone, I've really enjoyed my time here and every one of you has made me feel very welcome. So thank you all, I'm looking forward to another great year on SWRP! Hopefully one that isn't somewhat overshadowed by a civilization destroying pandemic. And Happy Thanksgiving to all as well!
“I slug big Hutts & I cannot lie
You other rebels can’t deny
That when a child walks in with itty bitty ears
And a Mando with hella gear
You get beskar”
Hopefully going to be posting in my threads tomorrow or the night following. Work is about to slow down for the winter but we hit a busy patch .
Been very busy with work and otherwise quite down/not filled with inspiration, so I'm sorry if you're waiting for a reply. I'll catch up soon. :)
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Die Shize
Die Shize
Not being filled with inspiration is me every post. xD

Hope you feel better.
Hello everyone,

Long-term update. Over the next few weeks I am moving across the country and starting a brand new job. It goes without saying that my activity will take a huge dib. I intend to post when I can, but no new threads for the time being. If you need to move on without me, please do so and enjoy yourselves.