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  • Hi! The Cartel's doing an Acitivity Check so we can gauge who all is here for a big roster cleanup and more fun stuff! Don't forget to respond if you're still active!

    Sounds Italian. Erantes is good, I don't know about Nascimento though.
    Nope, RPing Chiss isn't really my thing. So can't help you out there. :/

    I'm just not that familiar with them, so yeah....
    I just prefer humans, because you can do whatever, lol. I'm not sure what sort of Chiss I'd make, any ideas?
    I guess, I suck at Chiss names. It's one of the stupid things about the race that turns people off from it - a fictional language heavily influences naming conventions, but is poorly defined. At least Mando'a has dictionaries. Most other races have generic, made up names based off simplified conventions.
    Most of the "capital ships" would have been civilian before being a part of militia. FarStar might have been a ferry. Quasar Fire a freighter. Nebulon B a cruise liner.
    I was considering the faction would use repurposed ships to serve as mobile command posts, and focus more on starfighter/starbomber combat. So like...
    Quasar Fire
    Nebulon B to provide heavy patrol for major space lane.
    Plus hyperdrive capable starfighters like X-Wing. And then also healthy serving of heavier fighters equivalent to B-Wings and Slave I.

    Of course, don't have to be those exact ships, but equivalents of. I can look for approved profiles and canon ships to fit a "thrown together fleet" style.
    Any more complex and people focus more on what rank they are than what they do in RP. Rank should be a non-issue, we should find other ways to give out rewards.
    Three types:
    1.) Militia would have a basic chain of command: "Commander" or "Member."
    2.) Terrorists will be "Operator" or "Asset."
    2.) Non-militia will simply be "Party Member."

    That's my thought.
    With the concept, they (we) could use the gunships. Make it seem like the Chiss had hidden some ships from the Hutts and the faction stole the gunships instead of having a frigate and corvettes.
    You know, I wouldn't mind playing a Chiss. I'm going to write up a well thought out concept and send it to you, you tell me what you think...
    Yup, no need for NPCs. You should focus on her personality and development as a character, not slow her down with NPCs. Also pics 1, 3 are best in my opinion.
    So all roads are open for her, and yes I do remember you making her way back in the day. Not sure what you did with her though, Dathomir sisters faction was it?
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