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  • Aye, i'm still up for it. Kain kinda went and kidnapped Lana once more, so there's that. :P If nothing else we can always do a Dastin-Kain thread to wrap things up.
    I love it! I will do my best to go with the flow :D I think this will add an extra flavor to the RP :P
    Hey man! No worries bro, I totally understand, RL can be a bitch, but always takes precedence. :)

    As for the Fiddler thread, I wasn't doing anything at all with Caleb so I archived him. No longer using him, so I guess voiding that thread or considering it over would be the best solution.
    Lol no worries, sounds good. Just keep up what you have to. RL is more important. And I will post shortly.

    Yes of course. I'm terribly sorry for not posting yet. I'll show you the reason why the next time I chat you on le Skype.

    It's perfect :D loved the post and I hope you will love the one I have in store for you :D
    If you mean a month and a half behind is "in progress", than yes. Martha would probably love it if you posted there. Me? All up to you, doesn't matter to me.
    Ahhhh sounds like a lot of fun, and like you guys can really do your own thing. Well then good luck with that, and if/when you post the songs on youtube or somewhere do send me the links. I'd love to hear them! : D
    Well as long as you're having fun it's alright! What kind of band btw?
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