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  • heya! just saying something now, im probably not going to be checking the discord today mostly due to me going to spend time with family, (also me being a goblin and forgetting my phone at home haha!) so I apologize in advance! I of course will still reply to threads and whatnot on my writing laptop.
    Heya! sorry for suddenly disappearing, just some real life drama came up and I felt really down, so I went on a little mental health break, anyways, I'm back! I'm hoping to spread some good vibes, thread, and have a good time! Feel free to message me, I'm down for some rue shenanigans!
    Alas, school strikes again, so I don't think I'll be checking discord any time soon, but i'll be sure to keep posts coming, but they may slow, so apologies!
    currently busy with life so I apologise not checking discord over the last day or two, I should be getting alllll back on track by tomorrow, also, I deeply apologize for all the threads I had to poof on, I didn't want to hold yall down while I have a mid life (quarter life? I don't even know, i'm just a senior! lol) study and soul searching crisis. XD
    Been going through a lot lately, so I doubt I'm going to be checking discord any time soon, but ill try to! just going to focus on responding to threads i've either pre agreed to, or am currently in atm while I focus on schooling.
    Please forgive me people I owe posts to, but I must grind and indulge my starfeild addiction while I replenish brain cells, so posts might be slow! 🙏
    real life stuff is getting in the way, argh! posting may be slow and I may forget some threads! poke me If I owe you one, preferably on here as i'm not going to be able to see messages on discord for today at least haha!
    Going to be stuck in a car for three weeks, so extra activity is going to go up! Poke me if I owe you a thread!
    will be responding quicker than usual, I got plenty of time to waste today haha!
    "clever endeavors go a long way!"
    catching up on threads, recovering from the sick, finishing up finals week and much more!
    *insert cowboy twirl and finger guns here* ohhh how the weekend is almost here!! just one (or two) more days.
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