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  • Awesome! I'm about to hit the sack, got work tomorrow and studies I have to catch up on, but I'll add ya tomorrow
    Ooh, you'll see. To borrow a Transformers line, there's more going on than meets the eye with him
    That's fine, I was just making sure you were still interested. I've just started a new job and I'm struggling with a bout of depression so I haven't been writing much myself.
    Hey man, just letting you know I posted in our training thread a few days ago.
    Alright, hit me up on skype, mattman282, just add me saying its you so yea but yea the coding is what I was majorly asking about lol

    Since im terrible with coding reckon you could help make me up a bio with my char? xD if its too much hassle then I will do it
    Hey man did you make your bio yourself or did someone help you? I kind of want to set mine out like yours but im not the greatest when it comes to coding like that lol so im just wondering cheers bro
    I liked your character, and wanted to do a training thread with him. Anything you want to learn? I have some ideas in mind.
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