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  • Wrapping up some pm replies and then going to bed. Anything you need to ask, either skype it to me or pm. Though I prefer pm's as I check those a bit more frequently.
    Have any idea when we will start the continuation thread for illuminate the night?
    Alright - Thanks for the swift reply! The duel in question is in Another Day, but I'll see if I can't alter/add to the phrase so that it does specify where the strikes are going.

    EDIT: Actually, I'll just go with the method we've already been using - makes things less confusing and easier to understand. :<
    Question - when in a duel, is it possible not to specify the part of the body as to where an attack is headed but rather to simply say something such as this?

    A multitude of swift strikes were sent toward *OPPONENT*
    Thanks anyways. I'm happy to be back though and I think I'll probably keep Ro. Is Tuwan still around or did she kick the bucket while I was gone?
    I might not be able to post since my laptops fan isn't working but I'll try to post using my Vita
    I suppose I could since Ro technically never came back to the temple. I'll read up on the timeskip and the Jedi OOC. Who knows though, I may just scrap all my characters and start anew. How many years are we going forward?
    I've been busy and would like to take this up writing on here as a pastime again. So any suggestions on how I can get back into the swing of all this?
    Sounds good. Also, Are you going to be posting in Another Day anymore? Just wondering if we need to include is a posting order.
    I forgot completely about it. I am really sorry about that . I will post today.
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