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  • I've posted. Don't bother reading Sonam's bio for that post unless you really really really want to - if you boil it down, all the test does is see if Paul is able to see past the darkness in someone's soul or if he, like Sheng, just recoils from the darkness.
    Posted, mah good man! It took me a little longer than expected, and it's short, so sowweh. Feel free to skip to the hospital after Naomi's been treated if you'd care to. ^^
    I'm super sowweh, I noticed but I keep forgetting to post. I've been on the go constantly here lately, but things are starting to settle down so I'll get a post up for j00. ^^
    As a note, the thread seems to be acting funky and won't display my last post. At least, not for me. But if you into the advanced reply menu instead of using the quick reply, it'll display my last post in the thread summary thingy below the text editing box.
    If you want, I can join in "Amusing, you are" using my character Nol Tsviets or Albedo Apeiron
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