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  • I don't mind if you don't want to do THIS anymore, but I thought I'd just see if you still know about it ;) Just don't want to check it every day for no changes, Y'know? ;)
    Holy eff. That took forever. Dramatic post for our shatterpoint stuff, I guess? Figured I needed to make it not boring to make up for the delay.
    Thanks! Ark just got promoted to Crusader, does it matter if I use him in the thread as a Crusader, or would you prefer he stays as an Acolyte in the thread?
    Am I needed in Ultimate Spear yet or not? The post left it vague if I should be starting or not.
    Heya, are you willing to offer any Sith classes soon? I've been looking for a good master or at least a trainer. Want to get Crause up to Crusader.
    You know who sucks? I suck. Finally got a reply up for our thread.
    Hey, posted in Crouching Tiger, will get to our other thread soon I promise <3
    [LINK] Here's the thread. Sorry it's so short. I'm really bad at opening posts.
    Hey is it alright if I make my next post in Unexpected Reunion the last? 'Cause I have no idea how too continue the thread and I reckon it's served its purpose, unless you had anything you wanted to cover?
    Awesome! I'm glad you're back. I'm taking a break until Monday due to some IRL stuff, but I'll check it out for sure and get a reply up ASAP.
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