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  • I see. In that case you might wanna update them, we did have a timeline jump while you were gone.
    So, you're gonna be making new characters of reusing the old ones?
    Wow, that is childish, I guess I will just have to report your rudeness, and get an admin involved myself. I had hoped this wouldn't happen.
    I have been nothing but civil this entire time ^^ And well, you have been around awhile, but that means nothing. We both know it. I am sorry you feel this way. But my entire argument about what happened is valid.
    Actually your the one new one. I have over thirteen years of RP experience and I am saying exactly what the admins say. And well, frankly you lack in any real rp ability is seems and common sense. Its sad really. You thinking you can kill off a character in a single blow, even my last attack doesn't say I killed you off, lol, your just a silly little bunny ^^ You obviously don't know how rp and forums work ^^ But you seem like a nice guy, we can work on that if you like, i would be more than happy to teach you.
    Um yes it does. YOU need to learn to rp bro. Remember the admins and FLs determine the power of your character, not you. What they say OOC affects your character. To try and get around that is silly and childish. But yes, get an Admin its okay ^^ I had wanted to have fun here, but you obviously wanted to not. Sooo, I will make sure your character dies one way or another, even if mine dies.
    I don't see how you could have been 'begging' an admin to look at it when the post you're disputing was only posted 10 minutes ago. Regardless, if you want to dispute a post, please use the Report Post function. It's the yield sign at the bottom of all posts, and it sends a report to the admin board. An RP admin will then take a look at it.
    I would believe that...IF your character wasn't being contested by the admins and AFL and FLS of the Sith :p Which means your character isn't that much more powerful.
    Yes he could have, had he still had his lightsaber, and not been trying to do something else at the time, but by the time he could use force speed, Bobby would have been killed. And Bobby isn't far more skilled than Zach, and Zach has been properly trained, as is said in his profile, approved of by all the admins, Sith and others ^^ So Zach actually has enough skill to keep up :p And you messed up by the way, not trying to back away from the attack ^^
    Wrong! They are for both ^^ I had it checked out by Acturus himself, who said its what will happen ^^ So, either way. Your dead. I mean, remember, the Sith order is PART of the military now! Also...remember this, your character is already dead, since there was no way he could have blockied the attack with my lightsabers originally and even with Rage, Bobby cannot ove rpower Zach fully, its just not going to happen, just because someone is a Crusader, and one is an acolyte doesn't mean its easy, now if Bobby were a Master...that would be a different story.
    What I mean bro, is that by attacking my character first, trying to kill him, your breaking one of the Sith's new reform laws, which is punishable by death...even if you manage to kill off Zach, and not get anyone else involved in the tread...your character will die.
    Oh so you know, by site rules about the suject, not posting won't keep Bobby alive now, after a period of time, I will be considered the victor anyway, and bobby dead. Sooo, you pretty much have one choice now that you broke the promise, to have Bobby die.
    Oh well, probably because IC you have pissed off the character and OOC pissed off the player. Heck when I put up the training thread, I had a dozen people ask me to join in so they could kill you, and you just gave me the excuse to let them. *shrugs*
    Luckily for me, there are a dozen ways to stop that attack ^^ And I know them all. Also, this means your character will die, I will have Mira Albion in the thread in a moment to kill off Bobby.
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