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  • Charisma means nothing! Out of the two, which is A) Force sensitive and B) doesn't need women to feel good about himself? Kannick Stargrave that's who!
    As if. Just you watch, next time they'll have a bartending showdown, then we'll see who's laughing! Mwahaha!
    It's notcheating, it's whole 'notha level of skill and Jechtral doesn't have the elevator of awesome to get him there!
    I'll be posting in the social thread tonight, I'll try and post in Blood Sweat and Toxins tomorrow
    Sorry I didn't post it earlier, wasnt sure if flight was bout to do something on it, but eh.
    Lol, this is Jechtral :34: Why you mess up stuff?

    This is Kannick :1: haha brother b mad! I'll post soon :)
    I think your best bet is posting your concerns in the announcement thread to be honest. I doubt it's a coincidence more or less every other thread barring the Swamps has stalled.
    Alright, super tired but we've come to a resting point for the night, will try and post on the Eve thread :)
    Alright, feel free. Hopefully Sierren replies as well. Can't wait for Kannick to freak out when he sees a man lozard show up. :/
    Ugh, fine. Just don't do it again while im trying to cut someone off! Totally joking. I'm not that reckless. Key word: that. I think the worst place I've LOL'd was at a friends wedding. That was really awkward :/
    Oh, I don't care I'm just razzing you. Put some quality work into it damn you! I don't do shoddy work.
    Oh please like you can catch me! Next time we stop for my sister's inevitable bathroom break (she has a squirrel's bladder) I'll try and get a post up :)
    Ha, epic fail on you. Don't worry, problem (well not problem) is I'm on the highway heading to Tennessee going about 75 and responding one handed on my phone so... Yea I'm being a bit irresponsible right now, lol.
    I know you're messing with me, but 1) I owed Brett tha post for days now and 2) as you can see it's much shorter than my usual post, and yes Eve of a Rise was the thread I was referring to :) Im stalking you more than you know... Mwahaha!
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