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  • Hey, did you say there was tension over the whole mission board thing? I'm just asking to clarify, cuz that was never my intention, if not a premature message. We cool?
    No, he didn't see the B next to the Hangar 12 (it was supposed to be 12B)
    Maybe he was just distracted by Astra's first two letters.
    Man- we're such idiots


    I'm keeping that quote. Oh, by the way check the roster on the DarkNet thread, you'll see it's starting to grow :)
    Ok, so maybe edit it to say Why is this character joining?: (paragraph preferred but not neccessary) or something along those lines
    Is the one paragraph for reason joining really neccessary? I was thinking more like a sentence. Oh, and by the way, give yourself some credit too, DarkNet would be a shell of what it is now without your input.
    It won't let me put spoilers in a vm, that sucks anyways imagine this spoiler:

    The title is *Open Gift*

    You click on the spoiler

    It's your turn in Blue Hair, now Astra's really messing with the twins, hehe.
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