HoloNet News A Discovery For the Ages -- The Million Crowns of Tion Uncovered!

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Dec 24, 2017
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The cameras refocused on the expression of the Pantoran, her bright eyes fixed on her datapad with keen importance, fingers typing away while she chewed on her slightly upturned lip. “Ma’am?” a studiohand called, prompting the anchor’s eyes to dart up, clearly annoyed at the interruption. “We’re live in 20.” he clarified, to which her expression quickly shifted as she fixed her gaze on the camera.

Viewers would be greeted with the familiar face of Crea Tiné, wearing her usually professional and calm expression. “Good evening galaxy, this is Crea Tiné, here at studio Veruna on Naboo, bringing you the latest updates on the happenings and state of the galaxy.” She addressed the audience, before turning her head to face the holo display behind her.

“Earlier this week, President Adrios Rhousamblades of the Department of Archaeological Studies at the University of Rudrig made an announcement that sent the entirety of galactic academia into a talespin of shock and excitement. The President announced that his faculty has discovered an incredibly vast treasure trove of ancient Tionese artifacts situated in the long lost flagship of Xim the Despot himself.” The woman declared. Several graphics on the holo display would appear, depicting the large and antiquated cruiser, along with a variety of the resplendent artifacts discovered in its treasure room.

“Long thought relegated to the realm of fantasy by the archaeological institutions of the galaxy, the find has sent shockwaves throughout academic institutions across the galaxy. Historians, archaeologists, linguists, engineers– all of them have been caught blindsided by what some are calling “the discovery of the millennia.” She went on, holo images of academics and students analyzing several artifacts or looking at diagrams of the inner workings of the cruiser.

The holo projector would then shift to the image of an aged human man standing at a podium– none other than President Rhousamblades himself. Off to his side stood a diminutive Amaran wearing what must have been her finest outfit, and her fur had clearly been trimmed and meticulously groomed for the occasion– and it was clear that she was a student by the obvious rings omni present beneath every young academic’s eyes. The human at her side could've been mistaken him for a fashion model, if the fashion in question was a cheap suit and heavy black overcoat. His long raven hair had been combed back, pale and sharp featured face carrying an expression that seemed a mix between anticipation and melancholy, aquamarines staring at the back of the President’s balding head.

Most prominent, however, was a Hutt. He stood much closer to the President, just a meter off to his side, a proud look on his wrinkled face.

“This is an unprecedented discovery in the modern history of our department, and this university,” t
he professor was going on, his voice giddy with excitement as he struggled to maintain a professional veneer. “Much of our consensus on Xim the Despot, his conquest and ancient Tionese society has been completely uprooted by the mountains of new evidence at the site of the discovery. Students and faculty are working hard to unearth the long buried secrets within the hull of the Continuance.” He went on, the audience in question breaking into uproarious applause.

“Of notable contribution to this find would be Miss Trini Halrixien, whose work on her final project played a key role in reigniting the hunt for this ancient work. This institution owes you thanks, and your contributions will certainly count on your progress in your professional career.” The president said, which prompted a decidedly less enthusiastic bout of clapping, the cameras briefly focusing on the young academic before shifting back to the president– then to the man beside the Amaran.

“This institution would also like to extend it’s thanks to a certain private personal defense contractor who assisted Miss Halrixien when dealing with certain unpleasant elements during her research. This institution owes you thanks– and a considerable finder’s fee.” he said, flashing a quick grin that earned a single laugh in the audience. The man would nod, his arms crossed while his eyes remained fixed on the back of the man's skull.

“Ofcourse, special regard is to be shown to Mister Jonnir Nojull Gloal.” He said, enunciating with a pronunciation that just screamed “I had to practice that eight times before getting it right.”

“Mister Jonnir provided considerable resources in the hunt for this trove of ancient knowledge; and that isn’t including the massive donation he and the Nojull clan have provided to this institution in furthering academic achievement and discovery! Doubtless, history books will mention his contributions alongside the most venerated names in archaeology.” He declared. A standing ovation broke out in the halls of the conference center, and the old president turned to the Hutt, extending a handshake that would be plastered across hundreds of news holos.

Returning to the newsroom Miss Tiné turned back to the audience. “The financial consequences of this discovery have echoed in academic institutions across the galaxy. Already a number of prestigious universities have announced budgetary increases to historical and archaeological departments, with the University of Rudrig announcing a gargantuan 300% increase in funding to the Archaeological Studies’ department’s research division."

“Academia is hardly the only impacted field, ofcourse. Sales in antique Tionese art and artifacts have seen a sharp increase in these past weeks. Famous Holo Director Sidley Crott has announced he will be working on a historical biopic of the Despot, called Xim, expected to release sometime in the next two to three galactic standard years.”

“At the same time, authorities across the cluster are looking into rumors of a number of high profile transactions of artifacts allegedly acquired at the site. Rest assured, we will be watching this story with great interest as it unfolds, and we'll keep you updated on any further news."
Crea finished, flashing a quick smile before turning.

"Up next after this commercial break, Ceff Jardoni, showrunner of the hit Drama "Undercover Bosses" has come under fire from anti-xenophobia advocated over a recent episode featuring a major domo of one of the Hutt Cartels."


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Feb 12, 2020
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The treasure of kings. Thousands of artifacts, each priceless.

Well, until he’d put a price to them.

“A few.” Those were the words Trini had used, and so that was what he’d abided by. Six artifacts– a beautifully crafted diadem, an ornamental weapon of some long dead culture, an electrum clad wine glass studded with jewels, resplendent royal garbs, a human skull dipped in gold and turned into a drinking cup, and a simple necklace with one gem dangling in the middle– a kyber gem, to be precise.

He’d be keeping the crystal for any practical use, and he’d be keeping the diadem because it looked nice on him. The rest, however…

Laeo had contacts of his own, but he’d turned to the Hutt when he started looking for a buyer. He was probably the only one of his kind who was a genuinely respectable being– but that didn’t mean he didn’t know anyone who wasn’t. After a few calls with his relatives, he’d been hooked up with some of the best connected high end contraband dealers in the galaxy.

One by one, each of the items sold at eye watering prices.

He’d insisted on the university paying him mainly for the principal of it all to be honest, but now? Now he could’ve ground the 500,000 crowns they’d given him to dust, and it would’ve meant nothing. Only the wealthiest families on his home world commanded a fortune larger than his.


He, Laeonas Tannaras. He who had set out into the galaxy to make his fortune and learn how to wield the power that coursed through him, to earn the name he bore.

He’d won.

They wouldn’t put his name in the history books for this discovery. That honor would go to Trini and the Hutt. That was their reward– and this was his.

He’d need to be careful with his spending– at least, after he finished blowing the first million on spice and hookers. The rest would go towards what he’d promised his mother; a palace. Servants to attend her every need.

He needed a drink. A bottle of wine more expensive than his ship. That would do.