Site Event A Joining Of Minds


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May 3, 2010
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Welcome to the launch of our site-wide event A Joining of Minds!

How will this event work?

This event will take place over the course of four threads. The three follow on threads will be determined by the outcome of the first thread.

This thread can be found HERE.

Who can join the first thread?

The first thread is open to all diplomatically aligned characters from any factions or independent groups. You may hop right into this thread.

What is the posting cadence for this?

The DMs will be posting ONCE every 48 hours. Please try to get in your post anytime within that window.


When the first thread of the event concludes, everyone will be tagged for the kickoff of the subsequent threads. Any and all characters with any background will be able to join these threads. We anticipate this event will run for two months or so and will be DMed by multiple staff members. This event will have a massive impact on our overall story and direction so everyone is encouraged to participate!!

Greetings my fellow legislators, senators, governor and representatives,

I reach out to you today, in good faith, to begin that most daunting of tasks that we, as law-makers, can possibly face; to look beyond ourselves and look out for the will of the peoples of this great Galaxy of ours.

As undeniably part of some of the most important factions across the Galaxy, you are cordially invited to Ruusan to discuss the ongoing hostilities wreaking havoc across the Galaxy.

Representatives of neutral parties across the Mid and Outer Rims will be present as this conclave shall be conducted outside of the Galactic Republic. There will be no voting here, only a chance for a real discussion to work together to create lasting peace and forge strong relations.

If you intend to attend, please note that we are aware that some of you are more militarily-minded than others and we would very much prefer it if we kept these proceedings from becoming too overtly hostile. To this end, each representative will be granted access codes to allow one military vessel to act as their security forces.

I look forward to seeing you all at the assembly - and may we work together for a better Galaxy for all Kind.

Governor Lars Omah of Ruusan