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Astrographical information
Wild Space
Katorrs System
1 Sun, 2 Moons
24 Hour

Physical information
Type 1, Breathable
1.01 Standard

Socitial Information

Major Cities:


Democratic Monarchy

Cartann City
Yedagon City

Star Ship Tech


Adumar is a temperate planet located in Wild Space. Adumar’s climate is hospitable to most. The landscape is diverse containing everything from vast tropical rainforests to barren deserts and in some locations, entire cities have been constructed within massive cave systems. In ancient times the planet was settled by a group of separatists that were exiled from the Galactic Republic but have since returned to the Galaxy at large. The planet’s current government is a democratic monarchy. The planet is ruled by a singular monarch with a veritable array of expanding lower nobles and culminating with the lower class.

From a technological standpoint, Adumar has flourished since it’s return to the galaxy at large. While the initial reintegration was challenging, Adumar proved to be just as capable as any core world and was operating at a highly efficient level in a short amount of time.

Currently, Adumar is under the control of the Sith Empire. Much of their culture has been watered down, and their monarchy has been turned into a figurehead, but for the most part, the general populace of the planet is largely unaffected.

Government and Culture

Adumar's Government is technically a Democratic Monarchy. The planet has a Queen, and the queen along with the parliament decided the fate of the world, however with the Sith Empire's acquisition of the planet any "power" displayed by the crown is a mere facade. The true ruling power on this planet is Empress Anaris. This control can be seen in the presence of imperial troopers and outposts along strategic points across the planet.

Culturally, the empire has begun cracking down on honorific traditions. Duels to the death have been outlawed and only blunted competitive blastwords are permitted in public. Any caught carrying are detained and transported to an Imperial re-education center. The Adumari pilot's academy is now an Imperial institute and any pilots who graduate must serve at least four years in the military.

The quality of life on Adumar is entirely subjective to the locale. In places like the planet's capital, Cartann City, the only change one may encounter is slightly stricter security, but in the rural areas of Adumar things are much worse. Long-standing homesteads have been requisitioned by the Empire displacing farmers and creating a growing mass of refugees as these people flee to the cities in hopes of finding work.


A temperate climate and diverse biomes curate a beautiful spectrum of environments on Adumar. The planet is primarily covered in fertile forests. Before the imperial occupation, these forests were meticulously cared for, now they're being torn down to create commercial farms. Mining is another large aspect of Adumari commerce. The mines situated in the expansive cave systems that span the planet have begun paying a tax to the empire in the form of raw material. These cave systems are large enough to house entire cities. As a matter of fact, Cartann City is actually two cities in one. To the locals, the upper layer of the city is called Topside and the lower side is called Downbelow.


Adumar is a legends planet, this write-up is just meant to bring it into the site's Canon.

Huge Kudo's to @Braden for the majority of the modern history.
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