Allegiance To The Sith Empire - Not The Empire

Thought Bomb

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Sep 13, 2021
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My most recently created character, Hamlit Kelbier Targon, or Lieutenant Targon for short, has throughout the course of the war, been aligned with the Sith and the Empire, but unlike many, will choose to align with the Sith in light of the new banishment. After all, he signed up to fight for the Sith Empire, not the Empire. He sees the Sith as a real path to power, and though he is an officer and not Force Sensitive, he knows going against them will lead to his doom, and as a commander of a Pugio-Class Frigate, he is willing to give his support to the first, or most powerful, Sith that asks for it. He knows the Sith can give him real power, not some Empire run by what he perceives as incompetent and disloyal fools.

For any Sith who miss their fleets, begin anew with his, he will be the first Lieutenant to follow you into your darkest hour.

-Thought Bomb out, for now.


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May 3, 2010
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Your char no longer commands any ship because they are Imperial property. Please obtain a new non-Imperial ship through rp.