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_N A M E

_R E G I O N
Outer Ring

_S E C T O R
Pacanth Reach

_S Y S T E M
Annwfyn System

_S U N S

_M O O N S

_G R I D

Geography & Climate

CLASS: Terrestrial
ATMOSPHERE: Type 1 (breatheable)
GRAVITY: Standard
PRIMARY TERRAIN: Forests & Plains

● Large eray of unique Flora and Fauna.


GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Monarchy
DEMONYM: Annfynanish

● Mag Mell
● Modron
AFFILIATION: Free Worlds Alliance
● Diverse Technology
● Minerals and Oils
● Sustainable Agriculture


Government -

Annfynes society was a parliamentary monarchy, governed by several Noble houses and a queen. While the queen had the final say, every decision was discussed with those who held a seat in the queen's parliament, giving them a similarly powerful position.

Each Noble house, consisting of four in total, was capable of sending their brightest and wisest member of the family to fill their two designated seats in the parliament, for a total of ten seats. If this family member refuses or dies, their position was given to whoever they deemed best next, which was often decided by a vote.

Houses -

House of lleuad (Moon) -
The house of Ileuad was thought to be Annwfyn's oldest noble house, dating back to the creation of Mag Mel. Because of their long existence and short history, they were frequently among the queens' favorites, with many queens forming close friendships with their family members.

Their name was derived from the family's commonly paler appearance, which shaped the myth of how the family disliked the sun and praised the moon instead. Despite knowing better, the family embraced these myths and proudly carried the name.

House of Pom Blodau (Pom Bloom) -
Despite their nobility, the house of Pom Blodau was regarded as the House of the Commons. The family members were actively engaging with the community, listening to what they had to say, and fighting to have those voices heard against both the queen and the parliament. While this made them less popular in parliament, their strong relationship with the common people meant that no one dared to disgrace them.

Their name was derived from the fields of red Pom Blodau on which the original family built their homes.

House of Blodeuyn Melyn (Yellow Blossom) -
The house of Blodeuyn Melyn was the newest of the Noble houses, having been established many years after the creation of the small parliament. Because of their newcomer status and the fact that they were only granted the Nobility title after Queen La'nier married a commoner, the family members were frequently viewed as neutral at best, their voices overshadowed by the other houses. Despite this, they were regarded as a pleasant and friendly House, with very few rumors and myths surrounding them.

Their name was inspired by the flower Blodeuyn Melyn, which Annfyn associated with birth, youth, and joy.

House of Cyfnos (Dusk) -
The House of Cyfnos was regarded as the mysterious House, with a large veil surrounding it. They were difficult to find in public and, more often than not, remained silent in parliament unless the topic of interest aligned with their agenda. While no one knew what they were up to, they seemed to cause no trouble or harm to the citizens, and in exchange, the common folk and nobility let them work in the background.

The name was given to them by the common people as a result of their rather shady attitude. Lacking enough care to bother, they accepted it and made it their official name.


Timeline -
14.000 BBY: The Sephi-offshoot finds Annwfyn, giving birth to the planet's first civilization.
13.830 BBY: The First Queen is chosen.
13.560 BBY: Mag Mel becomes the capital of the planet.
13.525 BBY: The small parliament is created, together with the House of Ileuad.
12.280 BBY: The house of Cyfnos is created.
12.115 BBY: The second largest city called Modron is officially considered a Major City.
9.356 BBY: The house of Pom Blodau is created.
785 BBY: The Annfyn make contact with the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, but refuses to join it.
652 BBY: House of Blodeuyn Melyn is created.
4 BBY: The Galactic Empire subjugate the planet
5 ABY: The Annfyn overthrow the Imperial presence, but do not join the New Republic.
40 ABY: The Free Worlds Alliance allies with the Annfyn.

Early History -
Annwfyn was a peaceful planet with little to no proper civilization prior to the interference of the Sephi-Offshoot, who later called themselves the Annfyn. Because of its remoteness and desolation, many only landed on its surface to gather materials before departing once more. That is, until the Annfyn appeared. The Annfyn quickly thrived and formed their own community, establishing Annwfyn's first proper civilization.

Modern day -
The inhabitants of Annwfyn have grown into a large community, with several towns and two major cities, all forming a singular kingdom. Their great dislike for outsiders however meant that nobody but the Annfyn habituated the planet, making the planet extraordinary peaceful and devoid of humanoid life, minus the Annfyn themselves.


To create a home planet for the Annfyn species, and create the opportunity for people to RP and write stories on it.

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Hello there @LilyNion. So since this world is a homeworld for a species that is currently awaiting approval, I'll hold off on reviewing. Feel free to tag back in here when the species is approved.