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Dec 22, 2017
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This is the comprehensive list of pre-approved functions that can be used with generitech submissions. Standard wrist or helmet mounted comm links, a voice changer/modulator (like Kylo Ren's), pockets, belt, and a flashlight are considered common enough and do not need to be counted as a dedicated function, as well as basic "quality of life" functions as defined in the tech rules.

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Function: Rebreather
  • Rebreathers allow for a person to survive underwater or in space for brief amounts of time by scrubbing CO2 from their exhaled breath. Generally this lasts for 3-4 posts, but heavy exertion can shorten that time.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Thermal Undersuit
  • Thermal undersuits wick away or reflect thermal energy for brief periods of time. They are not nearly as effective as a suit that firefighters would wear. Most commonly used to protect soldiers from flamethrower weapons or short bursts of extreme heat or cold, and are only good for 1-2 posts of exposure depending on intensity. They are useless against blasters.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Filter
  • Filters are attachments to a helmet, or function as part of a mask, or is the mask itself, that filter out environmental contaminants such as smoke or most toxins. They are susceptible to caustic substances and damage.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Grapple Line
  • Grapple lines are capable of supporting the weight of 1-2 people and can launch up to ranges typically up to 15 meters away. Once no longer in use, they are detached from the launcher and left behind. While hand-held grapple guns are capable of auto-winching, armor or wrist mounted devices lack this ability. Grapple lines must be manually activated and controlled by a button or switch.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Mag-Boots
  • Magnetic boots contain electromagnets in the soles and allow for enhanced movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity or steep gradients. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes


Function: Concealed Blade
  • Concealed blades are typically 4-6 inches in length and lock into place once extended. They are almost always placed along the fore-arm or boot. They are no substitute for true combat knives as the locking mechanism can break under strong impacts. Still, some people enjoy them as a helpful backup.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Computer Spike
  • Computer spikes are used to forcibly decrypt or unlock computer terminals. Most civilian systems can be cracked in one posting round, while most military or hardened systems take two or more.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Dart Launcher
  • Can launch a dart accurately up to 15m. This dart is filled with a fast-acting, short-lived sedative that can render near-humans unconscious, or a sedative tailored to one specific alien physiology. The dart is incapable of penetrating even the lightest armor, or even thick leathers. The dart has the same practical effect as a medium stun bolt.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Emergency Vac-Suit
  • It's no replacement for a spacesuit if you intend to EVA, but this undersuit, if combined with a helmet, can protect the wearer from the immediate effects of exposure to a vacuum for 5 posting rounds. You still need a way to breathe, however.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Utility HUD
  • Reads atmosphere composition and detects toxins, has also 4x magnifier, rangefinder and compass.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Environment Suit
  • While it is not rated for extended exposure to extreme hazards, this body suit (when combined with an enclosed helmet) can protect the wearers body from the effects of environmental and weaponized toxins and similar hazards for up to 5 posting rounds.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Life-Support Box
  • Life support boxes are emergency gear designed to be worn in conjunction with other safety equipment, such as vac-suits and rebreathers. The device can be manually activated via a switch on the chest box, but most also automatically engage when exposed to vacuum. When activated, the device projects a small mag-shield "bubble" around the user that is just strong enough to contain a tiny amount of livable atmosphere. Life support boxes double the protection provided by vac seals and rebreathers. Without other protective gear, the life support box itself provides only 3 rounds of protection. The system also contains a high power distress beacon that the broadcasts the pilots precise coordinates to any ship within a parsec. The distress beacon can be manually deactivated, and can broadcast for s much longer time than its wearer can survive.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Jump Boots
  • This rare and expensive technology is able to propel a person up to 10 meters beyond what a normal person would normally be able to jump, especially when armored. It is not capable of sustained flight, and requires a brief engine cool-down before it can be used again (1 post cool-down). These do NOT function mid air.
  • Force User Compatible?: No


Function: Whipcord thrower
  • The whipcord launcher was a personal weapon that fired a thin fibercord whip which then wrapped around and ensnared the target to restrict mobility up to 10 meters away while remaining attached to the mount point. It was detachable with a second use of the firing button. The whipcord launcher was favored by bounty hunters, as it was easy to carry and use and it virtually always ensured a live capture, though it could be cut by a vibro blade with ease.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Bola Launcher
  • The gauntlet bola Launcher is a useful addition to a bounty hunters arsenal. Single shot, takes several seconds to reload, and has a max range of 25 meters. A successful hit tangles a foe in a strong durasteel wire to slow down or even capture the target.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Armorweave Accessory
  • Most often in the form of a heavy cape, skirt, or underlay beneath armor, armor weave provides some protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives and other unpowered high velocity impacts, with only a small amount of bleed through damage (bruising or very minor wounds). It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, vibroweapons, or similar "powered" weapons. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Wrist Blaster
  • This weapon does the damage of a medium blaster, but is mounted on the forearm. With limited ammunition (10 shots) and range (15m), it isn't a substitute for carrying a blaster, but it is certainly very useful as a backup or ambush weapon in close quarters.
  • Force User Compatible?: No


Function: Wrist Rocket
  • Wrist rockets have a flight range of 100 meters and have a blast radius of 3 meters. They are single-shot devices and require manual reloading after use. They are effective against lightly armored vehicles, moving parts such as gears or hydraulics, and infantry, and do equivalent damage to a frag grenade.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Scatterweave
  • An incredibly rare and expensive material. Scatterweave is a coating that reflects very little light, making it extremely useful for sneaking at night. It also "scatters" the wearer's heat signature, making it difficult for automated sensor systems or thermal visors to get a precise fix on the wearer's location without intense scans.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Vision Modes
  • This Allows a Helmet HUD to cycle to low-light and thermal vision modes.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes

Function: Wrist Flamethrower
  • Wrist flamers are rare, expensive, and dangerous armor attachments favored by mercenaries and soldiers more than bounty hunters, and are illegal in many systems. Wrist flamers are powered by small fuel capsules, and typically hold enough for 3 short bursts of flame. These bursts last 2 seconds, are one meter wide and have a maximum range of 3 meters. Must be disassembled to be reloaded.
  • Force User Compatible?: No


Function: Repulsor
  • Originally designed to counter combat with force sensitives, this tool is able to project a strong repulsor field replicating a Force push. It projects up 10 meters and its limited power cell only allows for 3 uses before it needed changing. The repulsor has significant recoil and the wielder must carefully brace themselves before use- both to ensure accuracy and to prevent the user from being knocked over themselves or having their arm torn from its socket.
  • Force User Compatible?: No


Function: Gauntlet Buckler
  • Liked by bounty hunters and mercenaries, this small deployable shield on one forearm that provides protection over the space of 40 cm diameter circle, which is enough to usually cover the distance of the arm from fist to elbow. It can protect the wearer from 1 medium damage attack or 2 light damage attacks before deactivating. Heavy damage attacks are partially reduced, and deal "bleed through" equivalent to light damage. Once used, the shield must recharge and cannot be used again for the duration of the thread. The buckler has to be activated and deactivated. No other gauntlet functions may be used while the shield is deployed, nor can other objects be used in the same hand.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Whistling Birds
  • Whistling birds are an extremely rare and powerful device for dealing with multiple assailants. Requires an enclosed helmet or visor for use. Can target up to four visible enemies within a 15 meter radius of the wielder and fires miniature seeking rockets at each. Each rocket deals light explosive damage and additionally causes a light concussion grenade effect (half effectiveness) within half a meter of detonation point. A whistling bird magazine typically carries 12 rounds before having to be replaced.
  • Restricted: Yes. Can only effectively target NPCs.
  • Force User Compatible?: No.

Function: Jet Pack
  • Jet packs are back mounted units used by elite troops increase their mobility on the battlefield. The jet pack's maximum speed is 50 kph and it carries fuel for up to five minutes of continuous flight (flight mode), but can also be fired in short bursts triggered by jumping (combat mode). The wearer can control the system to switch between modes and/or disengage it from their armor via wrist controls. These packs are cumbersome, adding an additional 8kg for the average human (larger individuals will have heavier jet packs to support their weight). While the fuel is stable enough not to explode, direct hits from weapons can trigger the system inadvertently, after which it is rendered useless.
  • Force User Compatible?: No

Function: Jetboots
  • Miniaturized jetpack technology, jetboots (also called "rocket boots") are essentially boots to which small jetpack thrusters have been attached. The wearer must activate/deactivate the thrusters modes via wrist-mounted controls. Like an average jetpack, jetboots permit a maximum speed of 35kph and can maintain this speed for two minutes of continuous flight (flight mode). In combat (mode), they can be used in short bursts to propel the wearer up to seven (7) meters. Jet boots are much smaller, lighter, and less vulnerable to attack and damage than jetpacks, but are also very difficult to utilize effectively, and wearers can be easily thrown off course.
  • Force User Compatible?: No
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