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Feb 24, 2015
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Ariadne Harro

Force Sensitive:Yes
Jedi Order - Jedi Knight
Weight:140 lbs.
Age:23 Years
Name:Ariadne Harro


Ariadne Harro was born on Eriadu to a family of minor nobility, a distant cousin of the oligarchic quintet of families that held sway over the planet. Growing up with no minor pressure to live up to her family name, Ariadne had little time for fun and games as a youth as she was expected to bear her name proudly and bring honor to her family. Much of her youth was spent at academy, where her education was focused on shaping the future youth of the nobility.

The academy of her youth was replaced by a military academy where she was expected to excel, and Ariadne was loath to disappoint the proud martial heritage of her family. Excelling in her studies, it wasn’t until late into her education and nearing her coming of age and graduation that she discovered her latent force sensitivity. Keeping her force sensitivity a secret, she finished her final year at the academy and embarked on her rite of passage.

Expelled into the dangerous Eriadu wilderness on the day of her eighteenth birthday, Ariadne Harro had to utilize all the skills and knowledge that she had been taught in order to survive. She was expected to not only survive, but to hunt and claim a trophy from one of the beasts of the wild. Upon hunting down one of the great beasts of the wild, Ariadne felt herself unable to take the creature’s life, feeling a connection to it that she could only blame on her sensitivity to the living world. Uncertain and ashamed, she spent her remaining time in the wilderness contemplating her inability to kill the beast.

Ariadne returned home without a trophy, declaring her failure to kill the beast to her parents before departing from Eriadu, disowned. Seeking out the Jedi, who she had spent some time researching after discovering her sensitivity, she joined their ranks as a padawan. She spent many years studying the ways of the force and the philosophy of the Jedi. Nearing her fifth year as a Padawan learner within the Jedi Order, tragedy struck on the temple of Ajan Kloss as the Sith attacked. Managing to escape the slaughter, Ariadne found her new home on the jungle moon of Yavin with new questions about the Sith, death, the Jedi’s place in the galaxy, and her own place within the Jedi. Ariadne had little time to contemplate these new questions however as the final one was answered for her. One of the most senior padawans to survive Ajan Kloss, Ariadne was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. What might normally be a prideful accomplishment for the young woman was left hollow by circumstance, leaving her to question her own readiness to rise to the role of a Jedi Knight.

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