Armor Arthos Vizsla's Beskar'gam


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Dec 15, 2017
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Arthos Vizsla's Beskar'gam

Arthos Vizsla was a young Mandalorian foundling with little in the way of personal glory or love from his adoptive clan and his beskar'gam reflected this, with only two pieces of armour being given to him to start actually forming his own beskar'gam from the clan armoury. Since the first iteration of his beskar'gam, much has changed in the life of Arthos Vizsla; war has come.

Waging war with insufficient equipment and armor, Arthos has since upgraded his armor since becoming a Rally Master of the Mandalorian crusade.


Mandalorian armor, though rare, is not illegal in most places. That said, wearing a full face helmet in public spaces is frowned upon, and often illegal in many core worlds, especially in or near government facilities- not to mention that many identification cards in various systems require a full face photo. This drives many strict adherents of "the way" to operate exclusively on the fringes of the galaxy.


Provide a template for the second version of my Mando's armour.

Type and Coverage

Type: Heavy Armor


  • Head: Fully enclosed and sealed Beskar helmet.
  • Torso: Durasteel plates, with under padding.
  • Back: Durasteel plates, with under padding.
  • Upper Arms: Pauldrons of durasteel on the upper arms and shoulders.
  • Lower Arms: Bes'kar hands, wrists, forearms.
  • Upper Legs: Durasteel plates on front and back of upper legs.


Function 1: Jetpack

  • Jet packs are back-mounted units used by elite troops to increase their mobility on the battlefield. The jet pack's maximum speed is 50 kph and it carries fuel for up to five minutes of continuous flight (flight mode), but can also be fired in short bursts triggered by jumping (combat mode). The wearer can control the system to switch between modes and/or disengage it from their armor via wrist controls. These packs are cumbersome, adding an additional 8kg for the average human (larger individuals will have heavier jet packs to support their weight). While the fuel is stable enough not to explode, direct hits from weapons can trigger the system inadvertently, after which it is rendered useless.
  • Force User Compatible?: No
Function 2: Scout HUD

  • Scout HUD - Contains a 4x magnifier and Compass.
Function 3: Gauntlet Buckler (Left Arm)

  • provides protection over the space of 40 cm diameter circle, which is enough to usually cover the distance of the arm from fist to elbow. It can protect the wearer from 1 medium damage attack or 2 light damage attacks before deactivating. Heavy damage attacks are partially reduced, and deal "bleed through" equivalent to light damage. Once used, the shield must recharge and cannot be used again for the duration of the thread. The buckler has to be manually activated and deactivated. No other gauntlet functions may be used while the shield is deployed.
Function 4: Grapple Line (Right Arm)

  • Grapple lines are capable of supporting the weight of 1-2 people and can launch up to ranges typically up to 15 meters away. Once no longer in use, they are detached from the launcher and left behind. While hand-held grapple guns are capable of auto-winching, armor or wrist mounted devices lack this ability. Grapple lines must be manually activated and controlled by a button or switch.
Function 5: Mag-Boots

  • Magnetic boots contain electromagnets in the soles and allow for enhanced movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity or steep gradients. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.

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