Ask Attack on Titan: Hope for the Hopeless


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Nov 26, 2019
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Haase didn't enjoy being talked down to, but he eventually complied. With that out of the way Fulk proceeded along with Jorah, jetting up to the roof behind him. In honesty it was somewhat relieving. Their ODM gear would be much more effective operating within the town. Of course that didn't change the fact this was still a human settlement being overrun by monsters, it's inhabitants slowly devoured. They needed to stop it.

The other squads complied with Jorah's orders, and Fulk silently followed him in the advance. As Jorah and Hector went after the first titan they encountered, Fulk nodded simply in acknowledgement of his order to keep moving. He and Magda continued jetting forward, swinging from building to building, scanning for titans. Once again Fulk privately agonized over their squad being split up further. In groups of just two now they were further isolating themselves. With less eyes to keep a look out they were more vulnerable to attack.

These thoughts were interrupted however when a terrified scream caught his ear. Fulk turned his head, spotting a five meter titan bent over and trying to grab at a middle aged man. The man was screaming, stabbing at the monster's hand with a pitchfork to try and keep it at bay. Reflexively Fulk reeled in his hooks mid flight and turned his body in the direction of the titan, firing them again and getting an attack angle on the monster. "He's mine!" The cadet shouted to Magda as he prepared to reel himself in. "Watch my back!" Without waiting for a reply he shot towards the titan, leaning forwards as he zipped over the creature's exposed nape and getting a clean cut. As it collapsed he continued his flip prepared to land with his feet on the wall of the next building over.

As his head came up however, he was shocked to see a titan on the roof of the building just above him. Where the hell had that come from? "Fuh..." He uttered breathlessly as he quickly released his hooks from the building. He spun in the air, using his blades to chop off the fingers of the titan as it tried to grab him. As he fell he tried to engage his ODM gear again, but he was closer to the ground then he realized, landing in a flowerbed and having the wind knocked out of him. Fulk grunted and squirmed, his back aching terribly from the impact. Looking up he blanched with terror. The second titan was now reaching down at him with it's other hand. Fulk struggled to get up, but knew he wouldn't make it in time. Thankfully Magda was there, swinging in from behind at the last second and slicing open the titan's neck, killing it.

The monster fell off the building and collapsed nearly right on top of Fulk, only scaring him further. Looking up he saw Magda land awkwardly on the roof above and hop a few steps before regaining her balance. "H-hey! I killed one!" She shouted in a mixture of fear and triumph. Fulk meanwhile, flushing with embarrassment from the frightened display he had just given, shouted back angrily.

"Will you stop messing around! What the hell took you so long?" Above Magda frowned and crossed her arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm not an expert with this stuff like you are." The cadet replied sarcastically. "I had to get a good angle on him. Relax. You've still got all your limbs right?"

"Limbs I'm going to use to kick your ass!" Fulk shouted back as he got up and exchanged his blades for fresh ones. But after this he just growled as he jetted himself back up to the roof. They had to keep moving. They had to clear out enough titans so the engineers could come in and seal the breach... somehow...



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Apr 23, 2018
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Jorah Miller would turn to see the other two engage the titan as he continued to move forward. They had no time to be trying to get an entire squad to fight one titan. The amount of time it would take for 4/5 to attack one titan, More would be flowing in through the breach. Now was the day to show within themselves what they are made of and to work efficiently. Jorah would state unemotional as managed to push closer towards the Titan in his direction.

Hector was close on Jorahs heels as he shot his ODM gear out and it caught snuggly in the roof of a building. Letting the reel drag him towards the Titan with speed as the last second the Titan would raise his hand in almost like a glove like attempt to catch him as Jorah smashed through his hand with speed and let his blades do the work as the Titans fingers came falling off and sizzling to the ground with a smoke.

Thankfully Hector was on his heels as the initial attack on the Titans hands blocked his view from seeing where the Titan moved as Jorah came flying into a glass window of a house. The loud crash happening as glass stuck into his body and he came into a hard roll on the wooden floor. He landed in the hallway on the second floor as he growled and stood up. Hector however had better luck as the hand was severed and came flying in to the Titans neck and hitting the nape directly.

Jorah would push himself out the window and get himself back up the roof as blood trickled down his face and arm. He felt the damp warm fluid run down his face as the blood dripped off his chin. Looking ahead with a blank stare he would turn to the others. "We're getting close. Keep moving." he would remark flatly as he shot out his ODM gear and began to advance towards the main area of the district where the breach began.