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Josiah Rendar

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Sep 2, 2007
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<div align="center"><span style='font-family: "papyrus"'>In the beginning....[/b]
In the beginning, there was only one eternal spirit. It was the eternal spirit of Yahweh, the God of the Universe, yet he did not exist alone. He dwelled in a plane of wonder and imagination called Heaven, and it was his kingdom. He dwelled with the angels of the paradise and they lived their eternal lives out in harmony with their natural surroundings. However, there was one that disagreed with Yahweh’s way. The one who disagreed was named Lucifer. When he challenged Yahweh, he was cast out as a fallen angel and sent to roam the empty void outside of the realm of Heaven. However, he had found a loophole. Because he was one of Yahweh’s powerful creations, he was still able to tap into his power. He used the power to create another dimension that he called Hell, and it was his kingdom. It was there that had began to conjure up spirits of darkness to be used later.

Yahweh knew that he and he alone had power beyond imagination, but no mortals to share it with and no one to help with it. Therefore, create the stars, the planets and everything within the vast universe of space and time. It was the third dimension. However, the planets that he had created were without form and empty. Volcanoes spewed over the newly formed worlds, no water or habitability in sight. Therefore, he dictated that the waters under the stars be gathered together.

Over the millions of years that followed, many of the worlds of evolved into a state that could support intelligent mortal life forms. Many of the angels believed it was not possible to do, but it was done. Life arose on a multitude of worlds and flourished. This life brought forth the Force of Others, the power of Yahweh combined with the energy radiated by all living beings. Even as living beings died, the Force they generated remained intact. And so, the Force of Others grew to become the living essence of the galaxy itself. Being a part of the great cycle of life, the Force of Others had two aspects: creation and destruction, Yahweh and Lucifer. Each of the parts balanced against the other and the Force of Others came to know itself.