HoloNet News Benduday Herald: A Calculated Massacre: Korda Six in Ruins after Imperial 'Bombardment'

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Jul 1, 2021
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A Calculated Massacre: Korda Six in Ruins after Imperial 'Bombardment'

By Galactic Correspondent, Lex Vox

A blistering and deadly 'massacre', carried out by the Empire with 'full oversight' by the Grand Marshal, has seen a bombardment on Korda Six and has left the planet 'in ruins'.

Described as a 'calculated massacre', the brutal attack has been labelled as an outright 'war crime' by some.

The Grand Marshal's oversite of the 'glassing' of Korda Six has left the galaxy in stunned disbelief.

Hitting back, the Empire has claimed the move was retaliation for 'multiple unprovoked attacks on the Empire' a narrative that is being pushed by Imperial authorities.

Speaking out, the Senator of Galenta condemned the attack as a 'senseless act of violence', saying that the Imperials could have 'struck the criminals rather than the whole planet'.

The Hyperlane Herald's recent opinion piece by new editor Voren Dhur has ignited a firestorm, exposing the Grand Marshal as the alleged mastermind behind this atrocity.

Eyewitness accounts from Korda Six paint a nightmarish picture of a planet devastated by the Empire's ruthless aggression.

The vast majority of the Kordan population, innocent bystanders with no connection to the alleged attack on Mimban, now lay among the ruins of their once-thriving home.

However, the Empire has stated it 'regrets the massive casualty' levels, and 'remains aligned to the principles that the attack was necessary to prevent further unprovoked assaults'.

Imperial sources have suggested the Kordans are a 'population of warriors and combative beings that are collectively military ready'.

Senators and other galactic governments have declined to comment to this publication, despite allegations that the Empire is complicit in a war crime.

Many watch in horror as these alleged crimes go unanswered.

The Hyperlane Herald's call for accountability echoes the sentiments of countless beings who demand justice for the victims of this massacre.

Questions about the Empire's method of conducting war are reverberating through the corridors of power; what remains to be seen is whether those with the power to act, will.

As the aftermath of Korda Six continues to unfold, the galaxy stands at a crossroads.

The revelation of the Grand Marshal's complicity in this tragedy could ignite a galactic outcry for justice and an end to the unchecked power of the Empire.

Whether this shocking revelation will lead to accountability or further galactic turmoil remains uncertain, but one thing is clear – the galaxy can no longer turn a blind eye to the calculated horrors perpetrated by one of its self-proclaimed protectors.

Blackwell CEO Newton Arden's Personal Gamble: Acquires Switter with Private Funds

By Business Correspondent, Nova Quill

In a surprising twist in the ever-evolving saga of corporate power plays, Newton Arden, CEO of the formidable Blackwell Megacorporation, has made a personal investment that has set the galaxy abuzz.

Arden, utilizing his own funds, has successfully acquired the widely-used social media platform, Switter, in a move that has sent shockwaves through both corporate and digital spheres.

Breaking away from the traditional narrative of megacorporation acquisitions, Arden's involvement in the purchase of Switter introduces an intriguing dynamic to the transaction.

While Blackwell maintains its formidable presence across various sectors, this acquisition has ignited fears that Newton will hold to much influence over channels of communication.

Switter, known for its innovative features and active user community, has now become the personal venture of one of the galaxy's most influential figures.

Arden expressed his vision for Switter's future, stating, "Switter is a dynamic platform that aligns with our vision for the future of communication. We believe this acquisition will enhance user experience and open new possibilities for digital interaction across the galaxy."

The move has sparked curiosity and speculation among users, with many wondering about the implications of having an individual at the helm rather than a corporate entity.

Arden's commitment to maintaining Switter's independence and innovation is being closely watched, as users hope to see positive developments in the platform's features and functionalities.

As the acquisition undergoes scrutiny and regulatory checks, the galaxy is witnessing a distinctive chapter in the intersection of corporate and personal interests.

Newton Arden's decision to invest personal funds in Switter brings a new narrative to the ongoing evolution of digital spaces, highlighting the potential impact of individual influence in the galaxy's interconnected world.

Galactic Bacta Crisis: Prices Soar Amidst Unprecedented Demand

By Galactic Health Analyst, Dr. Astra Medix

In a startling development, the galaxy is grappling with a bacta crisis as prices for the life-saving substance skyrocket to unprecedented levels.

Bacta, a critical healing agent used across the galaxy, has seen a recent spike in prices, leaving medical professionals, governments, and citizens concerned about the accessibility of this vital resource.

The surge in demand for bacta is being attributed to various factors, including heightened tensions in conflict zones, increased accidents, and ongoing uncertainties in the galactic landscape.

Medical facilities, from the bustling metropolises of the Core to the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim, are reporting shortages as they struggle to keep up with the surge in patients.

The price surge is impacting not only medical facilities but also individuals who rely on bacta for personal use. Citizens are facing tough choices as the cost of bacta treatments becomes prohibitively expensive, with some resorting to alternative and often less effective healing methods.

Government officials across the galaxy are closely monitoring the situation, and there are calls for regulatory intervention to ensure fair pricing and distribution of bacta.

Some medical experts are urging cooperation among pharmaceutical companies and governments to address the crisis collectively and prevent the exploitation of a resource crucial for the well-being of the galactic population.

The Bacta Cartel, a major player in the production and distribution of bacta, has released a statement acknowledging the challenges but assuring the public that efforts are underway to stabilize prices and meet the surging demand.

However, sceptics argue that the Cartel's near-monopoly on bacta production might be contributing to the problem.

As the galaxy navigates this bacta crisis, questions about the ethical responsibility of pharmaceutical companies, the role of governments, and the need for galactic cooperation to ensure the well-being of all citizens have come to the forefront.

The rising prices of bacta are not just a financial concern; they pose a significant threat to the health and stability of the entire galactic community.

Benduday Herald
Opinion Articles

Grand Marshal Exposed: Architect of Massacre Unveiled!
Voren Dhur, Editor

Hold onto your holocrons, folks, because the scandal of the century is unfolding right before our eyes! Fresh back from 'retirement', the Grand Marshal of the Empire, the so-called 'protector' of peace, has been unmasked as the architect of the Korda Six massacre.

That's right, the Empire's supposed saviour is nothing more than a ruthless war criminal!

The Empire's poster boy, the Grand Marshal himself, led the charge in 'glassing' Korda Six, leaving an entire species in ruins. What was the pretext, you ask?

A supposed retaliation for an alleged series of attacks on the Empire, including one on Mimban by Kordan mercenaries.

But let's cut through the bureaucratic bantha dung and call it what it is – a calculated massacre!

The Grand Marshal, hailed as a beacon of order, has revealed his true colours. His quest for revenge has plunged Korda Six into unimaginable horror, with countless innocents paying the price for the Empire's insatiable appetite for power.

This isn't a military strategy; it's a blatant abuse of authority and a betrayal of the trust the galaxy foolishly placed in the Empire.

The term 'massacre' isn't just a buzzword here; it's a chilling reality. The Grand Marshal's hands are stained with the blood of an entire species.

Forget the propaganda holograms; this is the face of the true Empire, an oppressive regime willing to annihilate entire planets in the pursuit of its twisted vision of order.

As citizens of the galaxy, it's time we open our eyes to the atrocities committed under the Grand Marshal's command. The Empire's ruthless leader is no hero – he's a monster in a uniform, orchestrating massacres while the galaxy watches in horror.

The Grand Marshal must be held accountable for his crimes, or the very fabric of justice in the galaxy will unravel faster than a poorly woven Jedi robe.

Let the revelation of the Grand Marshal's heinous actions be a wake-up call. The galaxy deserves better than a leader who sees entire species as collateral damage in his quest for dominance.

The time has come to expose the true face of the Empire's tyranny and demand justice for Korda Six.

Galactic Leaders Silent Amidst Korda Six Catastrophe: A Deafening Absence of Accountability
Vox Ignis

In the aftermath of the Galactic Empire's shocking bombardment of Korda Six, one would expect the hallowed halls of the Senate to echo with voices of condemnation, the Independent Systems Consortium to rally against tyranny, and the Hutt Cartel to decry such blatant aggression.

Instead, what we have is a deafening silence, a collective failure of galactic leadership that cannot be ignored.

The Senate, the supposed beacon of justice and representation, stands eerily silent as if the cries of the innocent on Korda Six have fallen on deaf ears.

What happened to the lofty ideals of peace and diplomacy that the Senate purportedly upholds? The Empire's actions demand condemnation, and yet, the Senate remains a mute spectator, complicit in its silence.

The Independent Systems Consortium, a coalition forged on the principles of freedom and autonomy, should be the first to denounce the Empire's egregious assault.

Yet, their silence is not only disappointing but raises questions about the consortium's commitment to the very values it claims to champion. Is self-interest now outweighing the call for justice?

And let us not forget the Hutt Cartel, often quick to react when their interests are at stake. The Empire's expansion, which now includes carte blanche to do as it pleases to independent planets, should be a cause for concern.

Yet, the Hutts, known for their cunning negotiations and manipulations, remain conspicuously silent. Is this a tacit endorsement of Imperial aggression, or are the Hutts simply biding their time for more advantageous dealings?

The galaxy deserves answers, not silence, from those who claim to lead and protect. The absence of condemnation from these influential bodies sends a dangerous message – that acts of tyranny can be committed with impunity.

As we mourn the tragedy of Korda Six, we must also confront the glaring void of accountability left by our galactic leaders.

It is time for the Senate, the Independent Systems Consortium, and the Hutt Cartel to break their silence, to speak out against the Empire's atrocities, and to reaffirm their commitment to the principles that supposedly guide their actions.

The galaxy is watching, and the silence of our leaders speaks louder than words ever could.

Benduday Herald
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