HoloNet News Blow me down! Blizzard is a spellbinding journey

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Dec 24, 2017
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Blow me down! Blizzard is a spellbinding journey

Jedi Knight Dash Pavan lives up to expectations this season, as the lead in Nigel Bressler’s outstanding stage musical.

Bressler is well known for never disappointing audiences, but his difficulties casting and staging his new work have been well publicised. When rumours abounded that Pavan had been brought on board, few believed he truly intended to down his Jedi robes to take to the stage. But after this weekend’s debut on Mon Cala, audiences will be thanking him for years.

Blizzard is a masterpiece of storytelling, choreography and fantastical effects, most of the latter provided by Pavan himself. Those unfamiliar with his Jedi talents will be immediately immersed by the opening act, where Pavan takes on the role of cheery, confident prince, developing a fabulous icy talent as a young child. Over the next few hours, we are taken on a journey of discovery, rejection and ultimately rebirth, told through deeply moving exchanges and inspiring musical numbers.

The Rhinnalian himself displays an obvious talent for acting and performance, with seemingly boundless reserves of energy. Bressler assembles an ensemble cast around him, with each component part lovingly put together. We will not be surprised to see a few awards in the summer for more than a few names.

With questions of identity and belonging hot topics on many worlds, Blizzard strikes a chord with our times, leaving many with a spring in their step on the way out and real hope for what can be. While some have questioned whether Pavan should have taken on the role in such fractious times, there is a growing consensus that the joy of this performance will reach far more than any one Jedi Knight could imagine.

We say book now. You might want to go back twice!

5/5 Stars

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