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Combat E.V.A. Suit

Most people stay inside their ships, space stations or in atmosphere. But for those that make their living doing space walks on the regular there is the Combat Extra-Vehicular Activity Suit, or "Ceva suit" for short. These are used by civilian, law enforcement and criminal elements alike and come in a variety of designs and from numerous manufacturers. The Ceva suit is an expanded and more common space trooper design.

These suits are far less mobile and are as cumbersome as heavy trooper armor. But given that the wearer of these suits operates in low gravity environments this is rarely an issue. However, these should not be dismissed as non-threatening since since these have been used to secure starships and space stations alike.

The Ceva suit has a back-mounted life support pack and paired vacuum suit, along with a helmet protect its wearer from environmental dangers during and after any potential hull breaches. This is further protected by a durable layer of armorweave material that prevents a breach in the suits seal. A pair of magboots allow the wearer to traverse exterior ship or station structures and aid in keeping their footing while walking on a zero gravity ship. A grapple line is the most common custom variable choice second only to translator visors or vision modes though some criminals or bounty hunters may choose more offensive choices. Some units add layers of armor plates to protect them and their suit from damage but the most common placement of armored plates is the head, torso and back to protect the vital areas.


Mostly legal. Wearing it in the commission of a crime could be, and armor is often prohibited in many public spaces, like government buildings. Most often these are simple regulation flightsuits.


A civilian armor for boarding actions and for low gravity shenanigans. Safety is the primary focus of this.

Type and Coverage

Type: Heavy Armor (special)


  • Head: Front and back of the head and neck.
  • Torso: Chest and abdomen.
  • Back: Upper and lower back.


Function 1: Vacuum Suit
  • A vacuum suit, commonly referred to as a space suit or vac-suit, is a non-armored garment, typically built into more robust combat armor and safety garments. Fully sealed against the hazards of space, including vacuum conditions, extreme temperatures and hard radiation, it is meant to function for much longer than a simple emergency vac-suit, although it is also much bulkier and more restrictive; any armor incorporating this function automatically gains the encumbrance values of Heavy armor, regardless of the armor's protective values. It provides no protection from weapons of any sort by itself. It must also be used with an external life support system.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 2: Life Support Pack
  • Life support packs are a bulky but useful device which is typically incorporated into EVA suits and other long-duration hazardous environment gear. About the size of a heavy backpack or similar device, the Life Support Pack is typically connected to a sealed helmet or face-mask, and provides up to a standard day worth of atmosphere, although high-end models can also dispense drinking water and protein pills. Models intended for EVA suits are typically equipped with a small reaction control system; similar to a jet-pack, this allows the wearer to perform untethered maneuvers in zero gravity. This function does not enable flight under normal gravity conditions.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 3: Armorweave Accessory
  • Most often in the form of a heavy cape, skirt, or underlay beneath armor, armor weave provides some protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives and other unpowered high velocity impacts, with only a small amount of bleed through damage (bruising or very minor wounds). It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, vibroweapons, or similar "powered" weapons. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 4: Mag-boots
  • Magnetic boots contain electromagnets in the soles and allow for enhanced movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity or steep gradients. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 5: Variable
  • Individuals can pick what function they want to have here. This must be stated in your character profile or first post entering the thread.
  • Force User Compatible?: N/A


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