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Centares is a temperate planet located in the Maldrood sector on the Perlemian Trade Route, positioned at the outermost edge of the Mid Rim. It was colonized by two distinct waves of Tionese people, descendants of these colonizers are called the First and the Seconds.

The population of the planet stilled themselves as the "last civilized stop before the wild and wooly Outer Rim". Its population was estimated to be about one billion. Centares called itself "the jewel of the Mid Rim," drawing traders and tourists from across the galaxy.

The tourism declined during the period that the planet was occupied by the Galactic Empire, when much of its enviroment was damaged by the increase of the mining operations. After the collapse of the Empire, the local government worked hard to recover its status as a tourist attraction. After 90 years, Centares recovered some of its nature.

SECTOR: Maldrood sector

SYSTEM: Centares system






Perlemian Trade Route
CLASS: Terrestrial

CLIMATE: Temperate

ATMOSPHERE: Type 1 (breatheable)

GRAVITY: Standard

➥ Mountain
➥ Plains
➥ Urban

➥ Industrial goods
➥ Minerals

➥Muracie (Capital)
➥ Old Town (Stare Myasto)


➥ Foodstuff
➥ Luxury items

➥Industrial goods
➥Humans (Tionese)
➥Bith (immigrated)
➥Sephi (immigrated)
➥ Gotals (immigrated)
➥Several other immigrated species

➥Galactic Basic Standard
➥ Jezykis

➥Parliament (formally)
➥Democracy (formally)
➥Imperial governorship.

DEMONYM: Centarian

In ancient times, Centares was part of Xim's Empire. Located in the fringes of its domain, the planet was first colonized by individuals that sought to use the world for the production of foodstuff. Being located away from the main centers of power, the Centarian culture evolved into an offshoot version of the Tionese, with even a new language called Jezykis appearing.

This language is directly derived from Tionese, being considered a more archaic version of it. Linguists believe that the first colonizers that arrived on the planet used the language that one day would evolve into the modern version Tionese. This way, Jezykis can be considered the closest to the ancestral language of the one that is now used by the people of Tion.

The first wave of colonizers became organized into a system of clans. A clan was formed by the clan chief, their immediate family and a large group of loosely related dependent families, all of whom looked to the chief as their head and their protector. The leading family of such clans would be the wealthiest and with more lands. Clans would meet annually in great feasts, held in the city of Stare Myasto, which would be renamed as Old Town.

The second wave of colonizers came when Xim's Empire collapsed. Mostly of them were nobles fleeing the instability created by it. They brought the "modern" version of Tionese culture. Their arrival caused a clash with the first inhabitants of Centares, with each side believing that the other wasn’t truly Tionese. The new colonizers started to explore the rich mineral resources of the planet, with an elite appearing around it. Families like the Shrialla, Ulyama and Therozys became important owners of mining industries and companies. Inevitably, the two cultures clashed in a civil war that ended with the signing of the Peace of Pozclaw. They lived in some harmony, with each said having its own beliefs about what it means to be a Tionese. However, resentment would exist between them for centuries.

The clothes are the easiest way of saying who is a First colonizer and who is a Second. The First always wear traditional colorful clothes, usually with the color of their clan. The clan chief would wear a fur cap with a feather held by a brooch that represented the symbol of their clan. They would also be seen wearing more elaborated and colorful clothes than those of other members of the clan. A Second don't wear traditional clothes, being like any other citizen of the Galaxy. The elite wear clothes that would be expected from nobles of any place, even from the Core.

This cultural dichotomy persisted until the arrival of the Galactic Empire to Centares. During Palpatine's rule, the mines and industries of the Seconds benefited with Imperial support, eager to use these resources to increase their war machine. As a result, many of the First were stripped from their lands and the agriculture of the planet declined. Many clans were extinct, with its surviving members needing to find new lives during the Imperial occupation.

With the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the clans that remained isolated themselves in the mountains and highlands. Due to that, the Seconds became the culturally dominant group.
The Peace of Pozclaw established the Seljmy, a parliament formed by clan chiefs and leaders of important Second families. Together they ruled the planet. It would meet in the city of Muracie, which was built by the two groups shortly after the peace was made between them to be a signal of harmony between them. Among important decisions that the parliament would make was the secession of Centares from the Galactic Republic and it joining the Confederacy of Independent System. It happened mostly due to the clan chiefs' votes. The parliament would exist until the arrival of the Empire, which would dissolve the local government and replace it with a Imperial governor. Allying themselves with the Imperials, the Seconds would have govenors being apointed from among its numbers.

Since the clans isolated themselves, the parliament wasn't restore after the Empire left the planet. The Seconds maintained the structure of a planetary governor, with it being elected by the people from a number of Senconds candidates. Corruption ran rampant during this period. In recent times, Centares is now ruled by an Imperial governor.

In the past, agriculture, mining and tourism were important parts of Centares economy. However, the Empire obliterated the agriculture and the tourism could only partialy recover after some years. Most of its economy is now centered in the minerals extracted from mines and processed in local industries.

26,000 BBY: The First wave of colonizers arrive at Centares.
25,150 BBY: Jezykis languag is first used.
25,100 BBY: The Second wave of colonizers arrive a Centares
25,090 BBY: The civil war between First and Seconds start
25,075 BBY: The civil war comes to an end with the Peace of Pozclaw
24,000 BBY: Centares joins the Galactic Republic
22 BBY: Centares leaves the Republic and join the CIS
19 BBY: The Empire occupies Centares
➥4 ABY: The Empire leaves Centares

Intent: My intent is to expand upon the sparse canon lore for Centares in order to give the planet more history and meaning for future roleplay.
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