Mission Pack Cipher Pack: Covert Affairs


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Covert Affairs

With her ascension to Overseer, Cipher Six has put together a series of espionage and undercover missions for her fellow Ciphers or other ISB agents to expand the Imperial presence across the galaxy. These missions are intended to be as discreet as possible - being discovered could pose dire consequences and throw the Empire into turmoil unless things are swiftly mitigated.


  • Cipher Files: Operation Purple Porg —You and a fellow agent are to covertly travel to Argazda under a civilian cover of your choosing. Your role is to kill a local, plant intelligence on them that originated from the ISC and leave the body in a place for citizens to find. The objective is to incite suspicion and panic between the ISC and a Jedi aligned world.
    Signed-up: @Cipher Eight @Cipher 1
  • Cipher Files: Operation Black Sheep —ISB's most valuable skills are in their ability plant spies and build their own network. You and your fellow agent are to travel to Bothawui, a critical ISC planet, and convince a local Bothan or group of them to turn into informants. Their intel will be hugely important in allowing the Empire to anticipate ISC's moves. Bothans are very suspicious, so you may need to do a job for them first to 'convince' them.
    Signed-up: @Cipher 7 @Cipher 4
  • Cipher Files: Operation White Knight (Diplomacy) —You and a fellow agent are to travel to New Alderaan. The planet is in the throes of an election. Your jobs are to influence a local politician to run for election with the Empire funding their campaign. This would get the Empire one step closer to reclaim a territory once lost.
    Signed-up: @Cipher Nine @Cipher 10

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