Artifact Clicari's Record Stones

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Sep 1, 2015
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Clicari's Record Stones

There is a legend, half-whispered in darkened corners of Jedi halls and Sith chambers, of a Force Sensitive whose quest to understand the nature of the Force knew no bounds. It began before the Great Schism, with a Jedi Knight known only as Clicari, who is said to have been obsessed with knowing all secrets of the Force. They poured over every scrap of knowledge in the Jedi archives and, when that proved unsatisfactory, they joined the Dark Jedi in rebelling against the Order. But even this did not bring Clicari the knowledge they sought, as the Dark Jedi seemed more interested in conflict and conquest than understanding. So again, Clicari went rogue and fled into the Unknown Regions, seeking the answers they craved.

The legends claim that Clicari found the understanding and the power they sought, and that they left a record of their discoveries, journeys, and even a map to the site of their final revelation encoded on a set of stones marked with Sith Runes. Needless to say, the desire to use or destroy these stones has led many on wild womp-rat-chases across the galaxy, chases that have turned up no answers and many corpses. To date, it seems that the legend of the great and powerful Clicari is just that, a legend...

This is a bit of personal lore for my Sith Eternal character Korsak Wulpez to explore in his quest for knowledge and power in the Force. There will be six stones and both the message on the stone and the path to it will help Korsak grow (or regress) in power and character.



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May 19, 2013
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Seems like a pretty neat artifact. I don't really like the idea of a personal artifact that isn't a direct gift (such as what the Bendu gave to some characters last timeline), so I will approve this as site Lore so that others may have the opportunity to chase them with you. Could make for some interesting stories/rivalries IMO.