Culture, History and Knowledge

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Sep 2, 2007
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During the age of awakening following the Great Sovereign Crusades, the Bendu Order adopted a historical and cultural hierarchy that the Jedi Order had effectively and efficiently been using for thousands of years. Many Bendu ended up specializing in history, the Force of Others and the history of the organization and intricacies of the government of the Bendu Order itself, producing invaluable knowledge for the order.
  • Bendu Archaeologist - A Bendu Archaeologist was a Bendu Knight or higher who had specialized in gaining historical knowledge of the Ashlan Expanse and surrounding areas of the galaxy through archaeological expeditions across the Ashlan Expanse and various other points of interest in the Unknown Regions. Occasionally, an archaeologist would be sent into Republic space for research.
  • Bendu Historian - A Bendu Historian was a Bendu Knight or higher who had specialized in chronicling the true history of the galaxy which included the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi, the Bendu Order, the Jedi Order, the Orders of the Sith and various other smaller religious orders. A Bendu Historian would know virtually all that they could know about the galaxy’s past.
  • Bendu Librarian - A Bendu Librarian was a Bendu Priest or higher who had specialized in the administration of the vast scrolls and journals of knowledge that had been placed within the Bendu Libraries in the lowers levels of the Temple of Light and the catacombs within the Ashlan Mountains.
  • Bendu Sage - A Bendu Sage was a Bendu Priest or higher that dedicated their life to uncovering the mysteries of the Force of Others. Bendu Sages had deep insights into the philosophies of the Force of Others and were highly skilled users the many powers of the Force of Others. On many occasions, a Bendu High Priest would call upon his own personal Bendu Sage for guidance.