Armor Cutter's Armor


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Sep 20, 2023
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Cutter’s Armor

• Head: Full Coverage from Duraplast Helmet
• Torso: Partial Coverage (Chest) from Duraplast Plating
• Upper Legs:Partial Coverage (Groin & Thighs) from Duraplast Plating

Function 1: Armorweave Accessory
  • Most often in the form of a heavy cape, skirt, or underlay beneath armor, armor weave provides some protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives and other unpowered high velocity impacts, with only a small amount of bleed through damage (bruising or very minor wounds). It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, vibroweapons, or similar "powered" weapons. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.
Function 2: Utility HUD
  • Reads atmosphere composition and detects toxins, has also 4x magnifier, rangefinder and compass.
Function 3: Filter
  • Filters are attachments to a helmet, or function as part of a mask, or is the mask itself, that filter out environmental contaminants such as smoke or most toxins. They are susceptible to caustic substances and damage.
Function 4: Concealed Blade
  • Concealed blades are typically 4-6 inches in length and lock into place once extended. They are almost always placed along the fore-arm or boot. They are no substitute for true combat knives as the locking mechanism can break under strong impacts. Still, some people enjoy them as a helpful backup.
Function 5: Vision Modes
  • This Allows a Helmet HUD to cycle to low-light and thermal vision modes.

Cutter’s Armor is a piecemeal affair. Various duraplast plates and armorweave, straps, pouches, and belts and various gadgets all in differing shades of greens, browns, and olive drab. The helmet was taken off of the unfortunate bounty hunter who crash landed in Cutter’s midst, and features some of the more impressive features of the whole kit.

As Legal as a licensed Bounty Hunter’s kit can be.