Sentient Devaronian Offshoot/Tiefling


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Devaronian Offshoot


— — — —Biological classification
Mammalian humanoidClassification
— — — —Physical characteristics
VariesSkin color
VariesHair color
VariesEye color
Horned-head, tails, pointy ears,
colored scleras, sharp teeth

100 yearsAverage lifespan
— — — —Sociocultural characteristics
“At some point a bunch of Devaronian soldiers got stranded on Abelor and mingled with the native population. Now we've got these Devaronian offshoots runnin' 'round the galaxy. They call themselves Tieflings.”
- Unknown​

Devaronian Offshoots, sometimes called Tieflings, are a subspecies of the Devaronian. Defining characteristics include one or more horns (on both sexes), sharp teeth, a tail, and colored scleras.


Biology and Appearance

The Tieflings were an offshoot of the Devaronian species and shared many common traits with them, such as skin immune to fire and unpopularity with the masses. Like the Devronians, they were characterized by two arms, two legs, and other humanoid characteristics. They had pointed ears, pointed teeth, and forward-facing eyes with colored scleras a similar color as their irises. Unlike the Devronians, they also had a tail extending out from their lower back that varied in length from three to five feet.

A notable trait of the Devaronians lost in the Tiefling offshoot is the extreme sexual dimorphism. Both male and female Tieflings have between one and four horns growing out from their heads, and both sexes grow hair atop their heads.

Like the Devaronians, Tieflings had black, silver-based blood which processed through two livers to constantly cleanse their body of toxins and carcinogens. They were highly resistant to poison and could consume a larger range of foods because of this.


The sexual dimorphism of the male Devaronians influenced the evolution of the Tieflings more so than the women, and this carried over in the form of the wanderlust felt by these Devaronian offshoots. Though there is no one "behavior" the Tieflings experienced, nearly all Tieflings feel the call of wanderlust at some point in their lives.

Society and culture

Abelor is a small, unassuming planet in the lower regions of the galaxy not far from Hoth. The technology there is lacking but growing in abundance, so even in modern days Tieflings born on Abelor did not enjoy a life of modern amenities. Society itself on Abelor was egalitarian and the small government there is democratic in nature.

As Tiefling horns can grow in a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths, they have grown to view their horns as the perfect way to advertise their wealth, status, achievements, etc. It is not uncommon for a Tiefling to adorn their horn(s) with jewelry or to even get them tattooed.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for parents of Tieflings born of Abelor to pay for cosmetic surgery to rid their children of their tails.


It is unknown when the group of Devaronians that would later give birth to the Tieflings were stranded on Abelor, but it was estimated to be somewhere around 3000 BBY. The Tieflings have been out and about in the galaxy for some time now, and many have found their way back to Devaron where their ancestors were born. Like their Devaronian ancestors, the Tieflings experience stigmatization across the galaxy for their "devil-like" appearance. They are often called "demons" or "devils" to their faces and denied service at a variety of establishments.


The intent of this write-up was to cater to the interest of several people in being able to play male Devaronians with hair and female Devaronians with horns. Also, tieflings. Can't go wrong with tieflings.
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