Tabloid Emperor Emer-Drast A New Hope? Or Is It The Revenge Of The Sith?

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Dec 24, 2017
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Recent broadcasts painted a very bleak future for an empire embroiled in a self-inflicted war against the Jedi. Imperial diplomatic efforts in the next Galactic Senate meeting will no doubt be hampered by this libellous content, but so far our own efforts to confirm any of the rumors have thus far proven elusive. The Emperors' office thus far declined to answer any questions related to this article.

For an Empire so recently rebuilt following the removal of the Sith Order, accusations of links to the latter have risen to several orders of magnitude. Naturally this is incredibly difficult to both prove and disprove owing to the fact that many would have served the Sith only some years ago but where their loyalties lie today could perhaps only be measured by their actions since.

The Emperor Emer-Drast for his part initially came out strong against the Sith and spoke publicly at length about how his new empire would be vastly different from its predecessor. Embarking upon a campaign of peace and prosperity, it sought to re-establish links and economic security through corporate deals and streaming sponsorships.

But with all eyes now upon the top Imperial brass for their links to the Sith, one cannot help but notice the Emperor has not shied away from brandishing his famously Sith dynastic roots. For our young and impressionable viewers, the Drast Dynasty was originally founded 6982 BBY by the first Sith Empress Andraste. A fiery woman whose line extended for over five hundred years, producing some of the most feared and respected Sith rulers in ancient history.

Through the generations, the Drast Sith famously built great war machines, assailed the Jedi Order and the Galactic cores on a whim. Emperor Elix brutally executed an entire family of Hutts live on holonet, before continuing in his family's footsteps in a war of eradication against his other foes.

Another common element of the Drast Sith was their constant wars of aggression, being purported against the galaxy, for many years they control a vast collection of space. If at any point in time sections managed to break away, it was only a matter of time before the Drast's returned wanting.

Some say the inclusion of Deucalian blood into the royal line may have contributed to this proclivity for madness, for bloodlust, while others say it had always been there since the beginning. In any case, with each monarch raising themselves to the throne came a coin flip whether they would be a 'great' or a 'terrible' ruler. The galaxy suffered under the Poison Queen and the grip of Sirus the Butcher, while others such as the 'Good King Sirus II' brought about a new hope for the Sith Caste.

Of course, this is all ancient history that isn't necessarily relevant - that is, until it is. With the ascension of the new Emperor Drast, questions about his Sith heritage have begun to emerge and whether in fact this link is closer than it first seems and, worse, which way the coin might flip this generation.

The question remains, is the galaxy ready for its answer?