Tabloid Empire or Volcano: How Long Until it all Erupts?

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Dec 24, 2017
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It had begun with a group of slicers who had been hired by a particularly ambitious young Sith who were hired to do a simple enough job: begin flooding the galaxy and the Empire with outraged dissent on social media. As it turned out, it didn't take long for the fake to become real, and now a snowball had gotten rolling that carried its own momentum with far more ferocity than it had first started.

"Switter and other social media outlets have erupted with calls against the Emperor in the wake of an article claiming that he has no control over his Grand Marshal and even going so far as to suggest he is a puppet of the Sith," a Nautolan reporter said.

"Speculations are rampant, ranging from calling him a flaccid and empty uniform to a puppet of the Sith. Early reports indicate that information launched by the Dark Lord, Darth Tempest were blocked within Imperial Space, but no filter of the original article was put in place. Our top political analyst, Cynthy Jan to comment," he said before turning to another woman who the camera panned to pick up.

"I think it's really a comment about our interconnected society that even with these initial reports being blocked, planets in the Empire are not only starting to find out about it from other sources, but beginning to respond to the initial article. It's difficult to keep an entire multi-galactic system under total lockdown these days. But even more than that, I think we need to look at what the Empire chose to censor. It's hard to imagine that they allowed through that original article, but blocked the Sith communication, and all that without any comment from the Emperor," she said.

"The lack of comment seems to be only exacerbating the situation, and some initial reports indicate that riots have begun to break out on Raxus and several surrounding worlds. People have long speculated that the Emperor wants to torpedo the promising career of the Grand Marshal, and it seems like he may have found his opportunity," he said.

"And honestly, Jon, it's hard to say for sure where this will go. With initial riots underway and greater frustration mounting, it seems that the division in Imperial leadership splits all the way down to its citizenry, she said.

"We'll be keeping you updated on this story as it unfolds, but until then, I'm Jon Caryo," he said, and the broadcast came to a close.