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Aug 20, 2015
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As mentioned by the Jedi writer Kli the Elder in the Rammahgon, Exegol (or Ixigul) was once a fertile environment, until the Sith established their presence there and laid waste to the planet just as they did with Korriban, Ziost, and Asog. Among the changes the Sith made was the creation of massive underground shipyard forges. Exegol was one of the oldest Sith bastions. Under the Sith, the Sith Citadel was built on Exegol for meetings and rituals to be conducted within, and Sith loyalists excavated the world's large and deep planetary fissures in hopes of reaching a transportive vergence believed to lie beneath the planet surface.

By the era of the Galactic Empire, Sidious had intended for Exegol to become his permanent seat of power. He would ready the ancient throne of the Sith. Seeking ways of unlocking the secrets of immortality, his underlings began to experiment with cloning technology in a bid to extend his lifespan. Sidious also proceeded to modernize the ancient shipyards, including making them highly automated. Sidious' and his Sith cultists' genetic machinations led to the creation of several artificial constructs, including potential replacements for his Sith apprentice, Darth Vader. He also stored several other frail specimens within vats and kept them existing in a state of pain.

After Sidious' death at the Battle of Endor, the Sith loyalists continued to construct the Final Order, a massive fleet of warships. This was comprised of hundreds of Xyston-class Star Destroyers, which were intended for the Sith's reconquest of the galaxy. As threats of their return to the wider galaxy loomed, the Resistance mustered its forces and fought a desperate battle against the Sith. Ultimately, with the help of the citizens' fleet, the Resistance was able to destroy the Sith Star Destroyers and kill Emperor Darth Sidious.

After the victory of the Resistance of the Sith Eternal and Final Order, newly risen Jedi Grandmaster Rey Skywalker, concerned about the planets history among the Sith began, Rey Skywalker along with New Republic Chancellor Rose Tico, began a purge of the planets location throughout the Navicomputers which comprised the Citizens fleet. This left the sole remaining Sith Wayfinder in the Jedi Masters possession as the safest way to travel to the ancient Sith redoubt.

As time moved on, the Jedi returned to the Galaxy and the Sith retreated to there cloistered section of the galaxy the planet of Exegol was slowly forgotten. During this time the Sith cultists stuck upon the planet became corrupted by the intense dark side energy upon the planet and the limited population causing them to become deranged, inbred beasts more than a fully functioning society.

In 144 ABY, Sith Marauder Artorigas Wessex found the Sith Wayfinder belonging to Rey Skywalker and Ahch-To and with his Apprentice Malou D'Amaris were able to pass through the Red Honeycomb Zone and locate the long lost Sith Redoubt. After removing the corrupted Sith Cultists from the Citadel they went about establishing a small set up area around the Citadel itself, though much of the planet still needed to be cleansed.

Geography and Climate

In ancient times, Exegol was a lush and vibrant world, but overtime as the Dark Side slowly began to take hold of the planet. The vibrancy soon faded and the lush forests, streams and woods were replaced by cold white deserts. Though much of the planet is now an arid bowl, there still exists some dry forests and woods in the far reaches from the Sith Citadel.

Among the barren rock and desert flats lies the one true landmark of the planet, the ancient Sith Citadel. The structure was built both above and below ground, a giant subterranean fanned out from the centre of the Citadel leading into vast underground construction yards. Above ground a large upside-down truncated pyramid made of black stone stands alone in the landscape.

Although the Citadel is the only standing structure upon the planet, it does not sit in the skyline alone. Surrounding the colossal stone structure is a massive Starship graveyard, one that eclipses all others in the galaxy. Across the shattered desert surface lie hundreds if not thousands of delipidated and half destroyed Xyston-Class Star Destroyers along with hundreds of assorted vessels. All casualties of the cataclysmic Battle of Exegol.

Inhabitants and Resources

There are two main groups of inhabitants upon the planet, the first and the newest is the small sect of Humanoids who have come to the planet after its founding and re-conquering by Artorigas Wessex. This small group of individuals have set up there base around the Sith Citadel, operating in and around the Pyramid and the debris field surrounding it.

The second group is the descendants of the Sith Cultists who resided upon the planet during the last hurrah of Darth Sidious. Trapped on the planet befit of a decent gene pool and the pure corruption of the Dark Side has led the Cultists to mutate into monstrous creatures. They initially occupied the Citadel itself before being driven out, they now occupy the dark depths of the construction yards, the bowls of destroyed Starships and the Pole Forests.

The planet has been stripped of much of its natural resources over its millennia within Sith control, however the vast Ship Graveyard upon its surface can supply both the underground shipyards and those who control it a large reservoir of materials.



To flesh out the ancient Sith World, which is becoming a secondary home and base of power for Artorigas Wessex. Much of my future plans for him will evolve out of the planet in conjunction with Serenno.