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Nov 26, 2019
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What is going to happen in your plot?
Kliedden Raxx will attempt to collect a bounty on Coruscant for a self-made NPC target. With the assistance of Poffo Sauvage he will spend the first two threads tracking the target and then the third capturing them. Along the way they will face opposition from the target's hired guns.

What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this?
@Isen : As Poffo Sauvage

How many threads will this plot have?

Include opposition type for each thread (DM, dice, ASK/OPEN, etc):
ASK, self DM for all threads.

What do you or your character hope to achieve with this plot? What is the "end-game?” Link any items you’re seeking if applicable.
Capture of target alive will gain admittance to the Bounty Hunter Guild for Kliedden Raxx.

Do you need any involvement of canon/site NPCs or faction leaders to be DMed by a staff member? If so, please detail who/what and for what purpose.
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