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The following bullet points are the rules and guidelines of the Out of Character (OOC) board. It’s not much, but the staff of The Star Wars RP mostly asks that you follow these rules and respect your fellow members, as well as the staff members. These guidelines will, without a doubt, make your time on this site more enjoyable, so for the sake of all of us please abide by them. If you feel that we should add, change or remove a certain rule, please contact a staff member and the staff as a whole will discuss it in private.

1) Under no possible condition should you be spamming the OOC board, or any other part of the site for that matter, so please do not act completely immature and waste space by spamming.

2) Threads may be labeled with the following prefixes:

Current Events: Topics that involve current political or social issues.
Games: Topics that involve gaming and their related systems.
Music: Topics about your favorite bands or composers.
TV/Movies: Topics about current, past or upcoming movies, television or streaming shows.
Sports: Topics about your favorite teams and sporting events.
Other: Any other topic that doesn't fall under the listed labels.​

3) There is to be no advertising anywhere on this site, including signatures, without explicit approval from the staff, and the odds of that request being approved are highly unlikely. We have had many problems with advertising in the past and we would like to avoid them in the future.

4) There is to be no abusive behavior and/or flaming (aka, insulting) of other members. The same goes for racial, sexist, religious, ethnic, sexual or political remarks that can be considered derogatory. Unless it’s in good fun and the person who’s being targeted knows it’s in good fun, then there is to be no name calling either. Excessive and unnecessary swearing is also forbidden and posts that contain it will be edited to remove the swear.
Example of “In Good Fun”: Lol, idiot. :p
Example of “In Bad Taste”: **** you, you ****ing douchebag!
5) Do not post messages saying “I’m back” or “I’m going away” or anything else of the of the sort in the OOC board. All messages about your comings and goings are to be posted in the Personal Notifications board.

6) Discussion threads regarding the use of drugs will not be allowed. Drug use is illegal in many parts of the world and it is not appropriate for people that live in those parts to be openly admitting drug use which could lead to consequences from authorities if said discussion was found. Not only that, but it sets a poor example for younger members of the site if they feel that drug use is “cool” or “the thing to do” based on what members say in a thread.

7) Do not bump old topics. If a topic is more than two weeks old, it should not be bumped. Exceptions can be made for movie or television threads. Before creating a movie or television thread, check to make sure there isn't one already made.

8) All spoilers MUST be tagged as a spoiler. There is a zero tolerance policy for posting unmarked spoilers, so such a thread will be deleted onsite. If members see the thread and say that they have been spoiled about new movies or anything else that might have spoilers, the person who posted the thread will be banned for one week.

9) There is to be absolutely no hotlinking whatsoever, if you want post a picture add it as an attachement or use an image hosting site such as Imageshack or Photobucket, not only is it a violation of copyright to hotlink but some sites will play nasty tricks on members who try it.
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