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May 8, 2016
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Gith (Gith Zarai or Gith Yanki)

Although physically identical, the Gith Yanki and Gith Zarai are separated purely by principle, and philosophy. Their skin is typically a sallow yellowish tone, with pointed ears, and a cartilage-less noses, lithe frames. Their musculature is similar to a lean human. Gith have no definitive lifespan, as some Zarai have lived several hundred years, and Yanki seldom see their 4th decade, although, they seem to age at about half the rate of humans.
Gith reproduce sexually, and can reproduce with other humanoids with little difficulty. Gestation for a Gith infant is about 13 months if carried to full term.
Gith are rarely non-Force Sensitive, and are natural born warriors or scholars. Telepathic communication, and telekinetic affinity. Zarai are some of the most potent Kineticists in the galaxy, when their skills are honed. Gith Yanki seldom focus on their Force abilities, using them to augment their martial might.

Their weaknesses lie within their philosophies of the Force, and their affinity toward one side or the other. Gith Zarai take the doctrine of the Light Side of the Force and vice versa for the Gith Yanki.
Omnivorous, although Gith Zarai devout to the Light Side of the Force are primarily vegetarian.
Gith Zarai are less war-like than their Gith Yanki brothers, though due to their feud, and Zarai will set aside their peaceful nature to combat their brethren. The Zarai adhere to their perceived tenants of the Light Side of the Force, often creating permanent settlements from which they practice various martial arts and use of the Force.
Gith Yanki, on the other hand enjoy war, and embrace their own Dark Side of the Force. They live a nomadic lifestyle, often raiding trade vessels and rural worlds from stolen ships, and making temporary bases on asteroids, mining them for metals to forge their weapons.
They speak Common primarily, and can communicate with other Gith they have strong bonds with telepathically as long as they are on the same celestial body. Doing so, however, takes intense concentration.

Ancient History:
Gith are separated in many ways, but the one thing that unites them is their affinity for the Force in all its forms. The term 'Yanki' and 'Zarai' predate commercial space travel, when they lived as one people prior to an invasion from the Heavens by an ancient enemy long forgotten. Their ancestors were enslaved, and brought above their skies for the first time, to toil asteroids, and other planets for resources. The purpose of their enslavement was lost over the eons, however it is believed by historians to be the first Sith to enslave them, though no bones of any Gith have been found on neither Korriban nor Ziost. Around that time, there were two public leaders among the enslaved Gith, one by the name of Zarai, and another by the name of Yan-ki. The former was a devout follower of the Light side of the Force, and sought to use the Force to solve their enslavement with minimal violence, while Yan-ki was more militant and ready for bloodshed. It is said that Zarai was shown the power of the Dark Side by a Vahla. They became immediately enthralled by the prospect of using this newfound take on the Force, and began practicing in secret. After some debate, Zarai and Yan-ki set aside their differences, and agreed on using whatever means necessary to free their people.

It is said that the resilience of the Gith was shown to the galaxy in a decades-long conflict with their enslavers, beating them back handily, eventually forcing them offworld long enough, leaving behind enough spacecraft for the Gith to figure out and eventually manufacture their own spacecraft. Once again, with this discovery, there was a schism, as one philosophical camp, the slight minority belonging to Yan-ki thought that now was the time to go on the offensive, while the rest wished to use this technology to ingratiate themselves with the rest of galactic society. The debate came to blows on a day known by both sides as The Great Tremor, a day remembering the death of both Zarai and Yan-ki at each others' hands in single combat, marking all-out war for what is debated to be centuries or eons-long conflicts. To this day, Yanki and Zarai cannot inhabit the same planet without coming to blows.
Now, in the modern era, both sides made their separate ways, it was not done without a severe blow to both sides' populations, and those that survived have scattered to the corners of the galaxy, conclaves and war-bands sprouting up, some joining the Sith and Jedi respectively, some becoming pirates or monks.

Though their homeplanet has been lost to history, they have made several homes within the Inner and Outer Cores, as well as Wild Space. Small communities of Gith exist on Hapes, Coruscant, Corellia, Tattooine, and many others.
Technology: Both sides have taken to modern technology as other humanoids have as well.
I was inspired by Spelljammer to introduce the Gith to Star Wars, and would personally love to see what others do with this race.​

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