Tabloid Grandmaster Alexandria Voran spotted in a week-long pool party in Zeltros

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Sep 8, 2021
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Grandmaster Alexandria Voran was spotted in a pool party in Zeltros surrounded by men

Hello, darlings! I'm back with the best news of the Galaxy! Unfortunately, I'm still in exile in Corulag. With Coruscant filled with abominations made by a maniac, it's too dangerous for us of the Hydian's Voice to return here. However, our thoughts and prayers are with those that weren’t lucky to escape the planet yet.

The scandal of the day is the fact that Grandmaster Alexandria Voran was seen in a pool party in Zeltros. According to trusted sources, the celebration had started six days ago and had no signal of coming to an end. One of our sources revealed that the centenary Jedi has been there since the beginning and is constantly surrounded by individuals of different species and genders, with multiple partners at the same time! It seems that Alexandra inherited Emil's taste for harens!

We also recovered the information that the most frequent of her partners seems to be an Ugnaght and a Wermal. They are reported to always be around her. It seems that Voran developed a very exotic taste for lovers. Perhaps it's the effects of her secular age!

Still according to our sources, the Jedi Grandmaster had participated in a striptease when the pool party became a total nude one during the night of the fifth day. A supposed video of this moment is circling around the Holonet at the moment. Due to nudity and low language that would make even Palpatine blush, you should be careful when trying to watch it!

The presence of Grandmaster Voran in this party explains why she didn’t do anything to stop the monsters in Coruscant and why the leadership of the Jedi Order is so silent these days. The Galaxy burns while she delves in debauchery. If still alive, Emil Ro would be so proud of his lover!